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Thread: a "SNEAK" peak of the real world PHILLY

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    a "SNEAK" peak of the real world PHILLY

    the site for the real world philly is up but the cast isnt on it yet it premieres this fall. heres the main site http://www.mtv.com/onair/dyn/realwor...5/series.jhtml

    now i bet your woundering why i put "SNEAK" peak cause you can see what the cast is doing in the brilliant Chandelier Cam !

    enjoy!!! and post your sightings here please!!! if you can also get pics by pressing the print screen/sysrq key on your key board and pasting it on paint on your computer then cutting the picture out then saving them.

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    question why is road rules a season or two behind when they have you apply for both shows at the same time? i rememebr there was even one where they showed us doing the casting for both shows. There was even pre-drama there. Thats why you know they meet each other way before taping begins.
    i mean RR is on season 13 and RW is season 15. freaky

    man i can never seem to take screen shots of video files. do you know what the problem may be>?

    **haha and what is up with the preview the pic of a girl getting out of a pool. the cam can't capture that. is it inside or outside?
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    Well Road Rules came along when (I think) Real World Was either doin Season 4 or 5..... It's been a looooooooong time....

    ANYWAY whats his name the blonde buff dude was one of the roomies that interviewed when Puck got the boot and the SF RW Cast did not vote for him ended up as a Road Ruler in the first season....

    And its weird that RR and RW is just off by 2....

    WHAT No pics of cast members? Booooo Hissss Hissss
    And Double Hisss on that Chandalier Cam because it doesnt work on Mac...
    hissssssssss hissssss

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    they were so smart in placing that camera in the most stupid area. they know we cant really see anything. yet they are trying to say they want to give us a sneak peak.
    and the message board is down. and i cant take a screen shot

    *EDIT:OMG something happened. the lights turned off. but i cant take a screenie. maybe they just got back from a party. its 12:52 and around 30seconds pacfic time

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    saw a dude with a hat around 1:51AM. he was like picking at the tree. it looked like he might have playing some drunk game.
    apparently some names of two cast members revealed to be Sarah and Melanie

    Edit-were there always a cam for sneak peeks in alot of the seasons?
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