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Thread: The Real Worlders of Philly Already In Trouble

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    The Real Worlders of Philly Already In Trouble


    July 8, 2004 -- CAST members from the Philadelphia cast of "The Real World" were caught up in a barroom brawl over the weekend which was, of course, all caught on tape.
    The fight, which unfolded last Saturday night in a Philly night club, is believed to have been filmed by a "Real World" camera crew, but Philadelphia police want to see the video from the fracas to figure out what happened and to identify several men believed to have started it.

    MTV officials says they will aid the investigation but cops yesterday said they are still waiting for producers to turn over the tapes, a Philadelphia Police Department spokesman said.

    "We will get a subpoena if we have to," he told The Post yesterday.

    According to a police report, 22-year-old Stephen Wiley was assaulted by four men at a night club called 32 Degrees, after he danced with a female cast member of "The Real World."

    The show has been taping in in the City of Brotherly Love since last spring.

    A male member of the show's cast intervened, and soon Wiley and a club employee were tossed into a table. Wiley's back was cut and he required 16 stitches.

    Two of the four men involved were questioned by police and released pending viewing of the tape. Cast members Landon Loeck and Shovonda Billingslea were interviewed as witnesses.

    It is not known if the fight will turn up as part of a future episode.

    Don Kaplan

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    That's good ol' Philly for you. Some of my friends have seen MTV camera crews around the city. They've missed the RW cast several times at the bars though.

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    anyone know whe it will air?

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    Good to see the new cast are a bunch of winners

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    Pennsylvania ...Is it Spring yet?
    Well, it's nice to know that Philadelphia can hold its own in the number of disorderly conduct incidents tallied for a RW series.
    Never kick a fresh turd on a hot day---Harry S. Truman

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    How childish.... :phhht

    Sooo much for brotherly love...

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    wow. how in advance do they be taping shows?
    hm.. i want another England or go to Italy or Japan.
    come on do better stuff then Philly

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