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Thread: Nice Package on Oxygen

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    Nice Package on Oxygen

    Nice Package challenges a group of people that live in a unique situation to redecorate a room in their home using only the contents of an enormous package and some clues from a celebrity designer. The contestants have 24 hours to bring the designer’s vision to life and depending on how well they do, they have a chance to win a grand prize that has been tailored for them! There will be ups, downs, conflicts, and comedy as the contestants race the clock.

    Friday, July 9th, at 8PM

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    hmm, it doesn't sound very appealing but who knows

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    I caught the first episode (I believe) It was actually pretty entertaining.

    they re-did the living room/kitchen of an Aspen ski bums house. His two roommates. A pretty blond girl who's a nurse & this good looking Dr. (a gynecologist, and there's always something slightly off-putting about your gynecologist being prettier than you are! ) The Dr. was young (Think Doogie Howser) and cocky....

    A designer does their designing thing & makes a scale model of how they want the room to look. Then takes all the paint, wall treatments, etc. and bundles them together into little individual projects & loads the whole shebang in a laaaaarge (needs a forklift to get it off the truck) wood crate & drops it in the front yard. The only thing the team has to work off of is a message on a "scroll" with a few small clues- no written instructions.

    At the end of 24 hours the team is shown the scale model to see how close they came to the designers original plan & the designer judges the work. If the Designer approves, the team gets an exotic vacation (and a room full of stuff that they slapped together in 24 hours, I think the trip will last longer)

    What was funnier was watching the team. The good Dr. must be too busy polishing the stirrups 'cause he must NEVER watch cable... ever. When they unloaded the crate & saw the materials this genius was aghast that they actually had to "paint & build stuff" he thought they were going to get a crate load of new furniture & "move it around for 24 hours" . Naturally he was "called away on a cootchie emergency" that evening getting out of most of the manual labor. The nurse girl was good, however you could tell she has her 2 male roommates wrapped around her finger. A couple times I thought it was a reality TV version of "2 Guys a Girl & a pizza place" (if anyone remembers that stink bomb). The homeowner was an utterly forgettable guy, I recall him maybe painting or scraping something, he kind of just blended into the snow. Aspen must be a happening town with may cultural offerings because the mention of going to the bar was an endless topic. When they had to clear out of the house so they could set up ....They said "we'll be at the bar" When they started working the fist thing they scheduled (instead of painting, when to build something) was "what time should we finish tonight so we can get to the bar?" and I think I saw a shot as the show ended of our team stumbling through the snow off to....... you guessed it

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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloCity
    I caught the first episode (I believe) It was actually pretty entertaining.

    Naturally he was "called away on a cootchie emergency" that evening getting out of most of the manual labor.
    That's hysterical!

    I caught this show by accident when I was pouting upstairs cuz my hubby was watching something downstairs that I didn't want to watch (hee!) and I wound up really liking it! I'm biased, though, cuz I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE home improvement stuff. But this was a clever idea (and I don't mind lookin' at the hunka-hunkas who help the contestants .... wowsa!)

    The episode I saw showed the contestants smearing this texture stuff on all the walls ... and the most-used color was a horrible shade of "poop" (as quoted from one of the contestants). The green was nice, but they didn't use it like the designer had planned, unfortunately. They still won their trip to Hawaii, though. The house was a southwestern adobe type, and I didn't really like the style, but they seemed pleased.

    I'll definitely give this show another chance (if I can find when it's on!). It's cute!

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