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Thread: Trading Spaces reboot on TLC

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    Re: Trading Spaces reboot on TLC

    This was the first time I've watched. I saw last week's episode. I thought Hildi's room was bad - until I saw Clinton's! A stripper pole????? Nope. And it looked so cold. I agree with the women's reactions.

    That monstrous thing that they made for the living room in the latest episode to hide that tiny tv. And don't you think there are going to be a lot of hurt fingers with those sliding doors?

    Did anyone watch the couple doing a make-over for The Covenant House? That's where I volunteer on Mondays!!! (Except in NYC). I wish those men would come and help us. Our main space has the same issues. I had a lump in my throat the entire episode....
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    Re: Trading Spaces reboot on TLC

    That's Nate and Jeremiah by Design. They now have their own thread.

    So exciting to know that is where you volunteer except in NYC.
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    Re: Trading Spaces reboot on TLC

    I thought the flower stencils in Hildi’ room in last week’s episode were awesome - for a 12 year old girl’s bedroom. They would have been really cute there. Not a reflection of the homeowner’s style. I liked the painted slats but agree there should have been purple in there for Prince.

    Didn’t care for stripes in Clinton’s room. They didn’t match the personalities of the homeowners either.

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    Re: Trading Spaces reboot on TLC

    Sabrina's dining room was very pretty, I liked the colors she used. Laurie's room was nice, but....it was way too formal for a living room with kids in the house. The wife did NOT like it. I think her husband just liked the fact that the obnoxious olive green was gone.
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    Re: Trading Spaces reboot on TLC

    I liked Sabrina's room. Laurie's room? Nah. I think the living room was way too small for those massive sliding doors. I also didn't like the smaller sliding doors between the kitchen and living room. When all was said and done the room appeared to be closed off and cave like. (Yes, I realize the doors could be opened.)

    Also, it seems Laurie hasn't changed much. She still rarely (if ever) get herself dirty. I was amazed she actually picked up a paint roller but I'm sure she didn't paint more than a couple of swaths. She also never sticks around for homework.
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    Re: Trading Spaces reboot on TLC

    It was fun to see Sabrina on this show, and I liked it that she was trying some good DIY ideas, like the ink transfer. That sign looked great when it was done! The dining room looked very nice, although I didn't like that wine bottle holder. It was weird looking, and not practical with little kids in the house: it looked like the bottles could fall right out or be bumped. And they put a few succulents in too? Strange. But the rest of the room turned out very well!

    Laurie's room had a good start, with the paint color and the fabric choice. But that huge cabinet was a bad idea, and the barn doors weren't a good idea with little kids either. Too much furniture, even if it did look like nice stuff (and better than what they had in there), but the homeowner wife really didn't like it. Too formal for the kids to play in, and the husband seemed not to know what to say. I'm sure they tore those doors out and pulled that cabinet out right after the cameras left!
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