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Thread: TLC's top-rated 'Trading Spaces' to get its own format redo

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    I've never been a fan of Gen.
    I just don't really like the shabby chic look and so many of her rooms seemed to be in that style.
    Even when I like a room of hers for the most part, there is generally one glaring thing that I don't like and it spoils the overall room for me.

    I have mentioned this a thousand or so times, but things really went downhill for me when they did the $100,000 show.
    That was just so excessive.
    Laurie's spending on her tiny room, e.g. $6000 for curtains in a home with toddlers, was offensive to me.
    The Home Free show wasn't much better.
    The winners got their mortgage paid for and over $25,000 worth of renovations done on their houses too during the course of the series.
    These kinds of budgets are not what TS was originally about.
    Anyone can decorate a room with $50,000 in the budget, not everyone can do it with $1000, particularly not if the room has "issues".

    That brings me to another point I agree with, raised by Mom2.
    The show also became less interesting to me when they started choosing rooms that didn't need decorating in the first place.
    The room where Hildi wanted to dye the carpet orange was a perfect example.
    Nicely decorated, good quality carpet, very good quality furniture, appalling choice for a makeover room.
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    I couldn't even bring my self to watch the one show all the way through where they decorated some mansion. It was funny they got Hilde though . Serves them right.

    I liked the old shows where it was people who really had a challenge like a tiny dingy basement old house , or small bedroom to redo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    The show also became less interesting to me when they started choosing rooms that didn't need decorating in the first place.

    Nicely decorated, good quality carpet, very good quality furniture, appalling choice for a makeover room.
    That's what I felt about the room that Doug redid in all white for the Black and White episode last month. It was a beautiful Meditteranean style room that absolutely needed NO improvement.

    Agreed with your entire post, fluff. The fact that Laurie got so orgasmic over $6000 fabric was just horrible.

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    As long as Ty sticks around all is fine with me. He makes the show worth watching

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    The day Kia & her Wal-mart wallpaper borders arrived was the day I left..........

    I gave it another chance & lo & behold more tacky wallpaper borders! I switched the fast channel before that woman dragged in a velvet Elvis painting & parked a car on their front lawn.

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    TS problems...

    My list of TS problems:

    * This season it seems like the fun factor and wish to make home owners happy is secondary to the shock value of bad design. I often prefer TS:Family, it still has the spirit of fun and making people happy.

    * Doug and Hildi in the early seasons were not as ridiculous as they are now. The producers have promoted designers to shock us and go to the dark side. I feel it is irresponsible for the produces to allow a designer to apply techniques to a room where the only option for the homeowner to remove the technique is to replace the drywall in the room.

    * Homeowners that don't think the rules apply to them or don't need the room redone. Any homeowner that provides a laundry list of do this, don't do that, don't touch this, should not be on the show, they are asking for trouble. The couple of the white room - I could have told them you idiots this room is just fine, you've painstakingly stripped the wood in this room, disappointment looms! The mansion couple - go hire Vern, Edward, Laurie and pay the money for their services (you'll be happier in the end).

    * Bland designers - the recent crop is not outstanding. Thank goodness they ditched Rick - his attitude was as bad as his designs.

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    Love the new format of chiosing a room. But did anyone else catch the new episode yesterday (Carson, CA)? Hildi was a B*tch :phhht and how did Edward spend the extra money? I have seen him do better with $1K
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    Quote Originally Posted by babymay
    ... Hildi was a B*tch :phhht
    Is there ever a time when she's not one?
    I live in my own world. But it's ok, they know me there.
    Kid Nation... a sad day for society when the exploitation of children becomes acceptable entertainment for television viewers.
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