MTV gets real in Orange County

By Press-Telegram wire reports

MTV will premiere what it calls television's first "reality drama" series, "Laguna Beach The Real Orange County," on Sept. 14.

The drama will follow the lives of seven teens who grew up in Laguna Beach and attended the same high school, the music network said Monday.

"From spring break to prom to graduating and applying for college, they invite us along for the ride and into the real-life dramas that unfold during their pivotal junior and senior year in high school," the statement said.

There will be no on-camera interviews or confessionals, but the dialogue, reactions and situations are real and unscripted.

"Our goal is to show the lives of this incredible group of teenagers authentic and unscripted yet shot to look like our viewers' favorite dramatic series," said Tony DiSanto, MTV's senior vice president of production.

"It will be a unique viewing experience, unlike anything else on television, and all the more compelling because the drama is real," DiSanto said.,00.html