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Thread: Paris' Dad Does Vegas

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    Paris' Dad Does Vegas

    Paris' Dad Does Vegas

    Tue Jun 29, 3:30 PM ET
    By Lia Haberman

    Following in the footsteps of daughter Paris, daddy dearest Rick Hilton is the latest member of the clan to try his luck at show biz.

    According to Variety, the hotel heir is shopping his own reality series to networks this week.

    Titled "777", after the payoff number on slot machines, the show would follow seven high rollers who each agree to kick $1 million in the kitty.

    Over the course of seven days (we're beginning to sense a theme here), the contestants bunk together in a Las Vegas suite and compete in a variety of games hosted by the show's "pit boss."

    The ultimate winner takes home the entire $7 million prize.

    Casting is on for seven "whales" (as the high rollers are known) willing to bet $1 million in exchange for TV exposure and a shot at winning the big pot.

    Producers are also searching for a host hotel. No word if Hilton's refused to put them up in his namesake institution or if the connection has been overlooked.

    Paris' pop is credited as an executive producer on the project alongside Jason Hervey (who once upon a time starred as bullying brother Wayne on The Wonder Years). The two are also behind Kathy Hilton's upcoming NBC series The Good Life.

    Mama Hilton's reality series, meant to groom young girls for, yes, the good life, is set to bow this September. And in this case, producers did take advantage of the family connection, housing aspiring socialites at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York, owned by Paris' great-grandfather and Hilton hotel-chain founder, Conrad Hilton.

    Meanwhile, Paris is currently starring in the second season of Fox's The Simple Life. She's also scheduled to become the new face of Guess?, record an album and star in the horror remake House of Wax.

    Continuing the family's preoccupation with show biz, even Paris' pooch, Tinkerbell, has earned 15 minutes with exposure on The Simple Life.

    Attention casting agents: That leaves Paris' sister Nicky, who designs handbags, brothers Conrad and Baron and the family maid available for their own series.

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    Eric Bischoff is partnering with Jason Hervey, Scott Sternberg Prods and Rick Hilton to create a new reality show called 777. The aim of the show is 7 high rollers who each put $1 million in a winner take all gambling competition that will take place in Las Vegas, where the players will live together in a suite. The William Morris Agency will be offering the program to networks later this week.
    It sounds interesting, I may want to watch it.

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