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Thread: Faking It

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    Faking It

    Did anyone see the episode where the teacher tried to pass as a Chippendale dancer? It was so funny when they had him practice at that senior citizen facility.


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    i never even heard of this show.
    the flash video looks funny

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    I'm a big Faking It fan eldee! BBCA has the same series, which is how I originally got hooked onto it...and TLC has actually redone most of their exact episodes with a few exceptions.

    The teacher to Chippendales is probably one of my favorites, funny and charming! Another good one was the librarian to Coyote Ugly bartender which was a couple of weeks ago.

    Just a few others that I know off the top of my head are farm girl to socialite, sheep shearer to hairstylist, dry cleaning worker to fashion stylist...and those which I don't remember the original occupation but they were faking it as a drag queen, rodeo cowboy, and professional cheerleader. I know there are more. TLC hasn't been on a really good schedule for them, it hasn't had a truly set time, despite being a really fun show, I believe I normally catch them over the weekends, I'm thinking it's a Sunday night thing, but my DVR is set to record "any first run" no matter what the day so I can't tell exactly when they are on.

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    I have watched that exact episode just yesterday and I've found myself rooting for the poor guy.
    I couldn't help but laugh at his honest but miserable attempt to make a sexy face.
    Great show, I'll try to catch the next episode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by libra1022
    I'm a big Faking It fan eldee! ........

    The teacher to Chippendales is probably one of my favorites, funny and charming!...
    I was laughing so hard when those elder ladies were enjoying the show and one wanted to know if he was going to take off more! I was so disappointed when he had problems with that chair at the end!

    .... . sheep shearer to hairstylist....
    That one had its serious moments between the sheep guy and the gay guy but, they worked it out.

    ...and those which I don't remember the original occupation but they were faking it as a drag queen.....
    I remember that one. They said something like, "from drag car racer to drag queen".

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    I haven't seen some of the episodes that have been mentioned here, maybe we're behind in Canada. (As usual.) I really enjoyed the Coyote Ugly episode though. The one I saw this week was about selling high-priced real estate, and Peter Reckell from "Days of Our Lives" was one of the potential home buyers. Which is funny, because he was also on "Blow Out" recently. Is he becoming the latest reality ho?

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    Qboots, I also saw him on Blow Out but, missed the real estate episode. On Blow Out he seemed down to earth and not full of himself like some people.

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    I've never watched this show, but I've seen commercials for it and have heard it has gotten great reviews. Has anyone applied for it before?

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    This show has the weirdest schedule, sometimes its on and other not. I think TLC is using some of WB and UPN programming techniques to build an audience. Move a show to a really bad spot, tell no one and expect the fans to flock to it.

    What is always interesting in these shows is the applicants what to try something different and then they refuse to listen to what their trainers have to say. The female paramedic/premed student who was trying to be a pageant queen. Why did you apply if you refuse to follow through? The farm girl trying to be a socialite. Although her one trainer came across very condescending to her. Last year's bookish student who tried to be a cheerleader did the same thing. There is almost a reverse prejudice at work here.

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    I've never seen it, and I don't see it scheduled at all. I'm not sure if they show reruns or anything. Of the ones you mentioned, the only one I've heard anything about is the cheerleader - didn't she fool the judges? So I guess she listened to something someone said.

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