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Thread: New Reality Show: T.H.E.M.

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    I really enjoyed it! The flies out of the mouth, the screwdriver in the arm, the guy in the elevator, the guy through the glass, the guy with the vending machine getting the Snickers...my favorite one was probably the girl changing clothes so fast. Don't you wish you could do that? It would make shopping so much easier...

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    Is this going to be a weekly show? I saw the commercials but I forgot to tape it.

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    The elevator thing was absolutely Hilarious!!! Dang, he was scaring me and I knew it was fake. lol
    Cool to see how they do the bend the spoon thing.
    Hope this is a weekly thing.
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    I think its a weekly thing, they kept saying NBC's new hidden camera show.
    I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too...

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    new member here

    Hello fanster.

    I'm completely new member here and need some helps.
    My name is Dee. I live in Indonesia.

    About a month ago, I saw T.H.E.M in our local TV station.
    (it's preety late...i guess). and got a chance to watch only one episode of T.H.E.M

    It's a wonderful magical reality show. Never seen one like this before.
    I've take a look at their website. The teams called magic X live.

    Is there any friends here have the original or copy VCD/DVD/DivX/anything of this TV show? Or anyone knows how could i get T.H.E.M?
    Please let me know....


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