The Today Show is looking for people to make over. Here's the e-mail I just received about it:

It's a makeover series called "Today's Beauty Blitz." Next week (June 28th - July 1st), I'm traveling around the country with a team of stylists and ambushing unsuspecting viewers at home/work. We'll give them makeover live on the air. (We arrive at 8a eastern and completely transform the viewer by 10a). We handle hair (color and cut), fashion (they get to keep one outfit) and make-up (make-up artist to the stars will finish their looks).

I need women AND men...and I'd love any fun story (a pair of sisters, business partners, new college grad, great granny etc). I'm desperate for a truly messy man (with long hair...they haven't cut it in decades). I need dramatic "before" and "after" results.

Know ANYONE who might fit the bill? (Complete series details below!) Feel free to pass along my email. If you know of any candidates, please email me with pictures. We need photos immediately!!! No time to waste.

Thanks in advance!!!


The Today Show is gearing up for a week-long series called "Today's Beauty Blitz." Our "Style Squad" (Louis Licari, Lloyd Boston and make-up artist to the stars Mally Roncal) are going to ambush unsuspecting viewers in their homes, offices etc. The stylists burst in around 8:00a eastern and will create the new looks by 10a eastern. The makeovers will happen live on our show!

Today Show is looking for candidates who are SORELY in need of makeovers. Plus, these candidates need to have stories (just graduated from college, mother/daughter, a messy couple, etc). I need viewers from around all over the country!!!! We'll bring the royal treatment to them!

Please note, we've been over run with moms and grandmothers. Both of those categories have been filled. Also, we need to find candidates around big cities.

Call or email Today Show Producer - Margaret Pergler - right away with the details. Also, please email Margaret with pictures! (She can accept jpeg files) and needs photos ASAP.

We will not mention who nominated the make-over candidates.
This series will air Monday, June 28th - Thursday, July 1st.

Thank you!
Margaret Pergler
212-664-5002 work