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Thread: Go into space, be part of reality show

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    Go into space, be part of reality show

    Go into space, be part of reality show

    Producers shopping projects around

    Monday, June 14, 2004 Posted: 9:51 AM EDT (1351 GMT)

    LOS ANGELES, California (Hollywood Reporter) -- The great space race is back on among reality TV producers.

    Several projects revolving around the concept of sending rookie astronauts into outer space are being shopped around town these days.

    Phil Gurin, who worked with pop star Lance Bass to chronicle his 2002 astro-training experience in Russia, is developing a project that would involve ordinary folks training and competing to land one seat on a Russian space flight.

    The Bass project never gelled, in part because they couldn't come up with the $20 million needed to reserve Bass' seat on the Russian Federal Space Agency's Soyuz spacecraft.

    Bass is still attached to Gurin's new project, but instead of focusing on the singer's adventures, the show "will involve an ordinary civilian competing for a chance to go into space," Gurin said.

    Meanwhile, it's understood that reality veteran Craig Piligian is developing a space-based project with a competitive element that is said to involve millionaires competing for the privilege of becoming a space tourist. Piligian did not return calls seeking comment.

    And the reigning king of unscripted drama, Mark Burnett ("Survivor," "The Apprentice") is known to still have his eye on the space sector. Burnett was poised to blast off with NBC in 2001 with the $40 million "Destination Mir" series that was designed to send the victor up to the now-defunct Russian space station Mir. But that project never took off because of numerous obstacles, not the least of which was the disintegration of the aging Mir facility.

    The Arlington, Virginia-based Space Adventures Ltd., the private company that made California millionaire Dennis Tito the first space tourist by arranging his $20 million trip in a Russian space craft in April 2001, also is understood to be playing a pivotal role in the primetime space race.

    Space Adventures spokesman Robert Volmer confirmed Friday that the company is in discussions with multiple TV outlets for series revolving around planned Russian flights in October 2005 and April 2006, but he would not elaborate.

    Despite all the activity among producers, there's considerable skepticism about the viability of a space-travel-based series among network buyers because of the high cost involved and the logistical difficulties of setting up live coverage of the flight itself.

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    Okay, that is one show I would love to try. Actually this has already been done in Denmark. Everyone could buy a ticket for the show. The show was held in a big warehouse. The audience starts at one end of the warehouse and are asked a question and given thee options for answers. There are 3 doors and you go to the door that represents your answers. There are 3 sets of questions in all. Those that get them all right moves through to the obstacle course. This is your basic reality TV obstacle course, and the 5 best men and 5 best women move on. Then it is time for the team challenge. Two teams of five are put in seperate room. They are given a clue to the test that is ahead and have been asked to rank themselves for the test. The tests are typically memory tests, IQ type tests or holding-your-breath-test. Before the test, one person have to give another person an injection of salt water. These two people are not eligeble for the upcoming test.The team that wins a team challenge go on for the induvidual challenge. The team is shown a piece of film with information (space-related) and have to answer questions about it. If a player is the first to buzz in and answer the question correctly, they get one strike against another player. 3 strikes and you're out. Whoever wins are that weeks winner. There are 10 weeks and 10 winners, who get to go to space camp for training. They are graded on their performance and each week someone is sent home. The ultimate winner was promised a seat on the first space-mission where seats can be bought. The money from all the tickets (and whatever interest it earns) will be used to pay for the ticket.

    I don't know if this is the type of show they are planning, but it was a cool show. I didn't buy a ticket, because it was a for sub-orbital mission (basically a high altitude plane trip), and if I go into space I want to be in orbit.

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    Wow. Definitely interesting...

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