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Thread: The Two Timer

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    The Two Timer

    Has anyone heard about this show? It was supposed to be on the summer schedule on ABC - originally, it was supposed to start June 23rd, but then it was changed to June 30th... but ABC still doesn't have anything on their home page... very strange...
    Anyway, it was supposed to be about a guy named Chris, who had all these different women on the go... and they didn't know about each other!?!? Sort of like The Bachelor, I guess, where the women ACT like they're the only one "dating" him! Anyway, I think I remember that Mike Fleiss was involved with this show...

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    Sounds pretty good, I wonder how shocked the women will be when they find out that they arent the only one.

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    ABC has decided that the show needs more editing time, and will probably be a fall or next summer show instead.

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    Punky Brewster

    The Chrisser

    Yes this guy is actually one of my buddies back from Iowa. Funny huh!?!- They are making him out to be some big time player from Hollywood- but none the less, this is the PERFECT part for him. All of the reviews are soooo true- he is a master of women and has sooooo many tricks in his little bag. No news on an exact date of when it airs yet- but it will be sometime in August of 2004 to my knowlege... at least thats what his brother tells me.

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