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Thread: Star Dates: Dustin Diamond Episode Recap

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    Hey Bill,
    You posted a synopsis of the episode of Star Dates that I did - great job! I must say, however, to you and some of the posting folks here - is it necessary to try to cut down someone who loves training and isn't afraid to be different?! Someone has Simon envy!!!

    My voice has been deep since age 12... i'm NATURALLY big, and it's a clean adn jerk, not clean n bench, in case any of you ever make your way into a gym (and only 225 lbs on that lift, not 250).

    BTW I don't know what photos on my websites you think look 'masculine', but your opinion is definetly in the minority love. But to each his/her/it's own! Link back to some photos of your damn near naked ass on the net and lets critique you next, eh?

    ( sidenote - if i was afraid of being scrutinized like this, I wouldn't be putting myself out there for people to attempt to mess with. )

    Also, I have many other interests, I spend a healthy amt of time in the gym but i read, socialize, constantly educate myself, and have an acting career as well...

    Anyway, I appreciate the other semi nice things you almost wrote about me.

    Robin, aka woman you fear

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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    Robin, welcome to the site. Of course, the whole point of Star Dates was to be able to laugh at Dustin and his hapless dates. Unfortunately for you, hapless date #2 (hapless date #1 also being a dating-show junkie who was most recently on Meet My Folks professing a love for women).

    As long as you take it with a grain of salt and not too seriously, you'll do alright.

    While you're here (and assuming you come back, of course), did you and Dustin ever get back together?

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    oh, wonder about that too, they seem to hit it off real good, better than tawny

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