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Thread: VH1 Goes Inside: Extreme Reality Exposed

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    VH1 Goes Inside: Extreme Reality Exposed

    I just finished watching this on VH1, and I was absolutely disgusted. It talks about this reality show where they have people doing extreme things. All the people who apply have to be willing to get completely naked and let out very emotional secrets of painful things in the past.

    For example, they had a 'gag' where a woman would approach someone and say that they didn't want to go to their car alone because some strange man was there. When the pair would approach the car, the man would 'attack' the woman, and even tear off her clothes until she was completely naked with the bystander looking on. The bystander obviously freaked out. They also had a woman have a pizza delivered to her, and when it arrived, she would 'accidently' drop her towel and then convince the pizza delivery guy to get naked too. Why? I don't know.

    The second part of the show was about this piece of crap called "Bum Fights" that showed homeless people beating each other up/beating themselves up for petty change because they are so desparate. They paid one guy $200 to get a large tattoo on his forehead saying, "Bum Fights" At the end of the show, I was truly sickened to a point where my eyed teared because the new owner of "Bum Fights" cannot be sued etc. because in the contract with the original owner who underwent prosecution, it said he was not responsible for any legal things etc. The new owner talked about how he has made millions of dollars from the video and how he lives in a posh house next to a country club. He also ridiculously spends his money on things such as a Siberian cat, a person to feed that cat steaks everyday, and a bulldozer. What *really* ticked me off was how he said he doesn't lose any amount of sleep over it, and how could "America arrest people who employ homeless people."

    Talk about extremely sick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frostelized
    .......Talk about extremely sick.
    Frostelized, I agree with you 100%! It not only shows how low people will go but, where they think the viewers sensibilities are. I won't even watch this show but, they will most likely find an audience elsewhere.

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