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Thread: Discovery Tv: Surprising Men With Rooms Of Their Own

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    Discovery Tv: Surprising Men With Rooms Of Their Own


    Do you know a guy without a space in his place to call his own? Know a man who needs a sanctuary away from his home’s chaos and clutter? Are you a guy who is tired of watching the game on a small TV in the family room? Or maybe you are the woman of the house who wants to hook her man up! TIME FOR HIM TO CLAIM HIS DOMAIN!!

    Here’s how…

    DUDE ROOM is an exciting one-hour design series in which a design & construction team will create cool new spaces just for men!

    We’re looking for Men living with Family or Friends, in the Los Angeles area, who want a killer room where they can kick back with the guys! Properties must have unused or unfinished spaces, such as; basements, attics, spare bedrooms, porches, pool houses, garages or carports that we can transform solely for the man of the house.

    Our Design/Construction team, with the help of your Housemates and Friends, will transform your unused or abused space into a - Lounge, Sports Bar, Game Room, Poker Parlor, Casino, Cigar Room, Wine Cellar, Nascar Room, Music/Recording Studio, Home Theater, Office, Gym, Boxing Ring or anything that would perfectly suit JUST you!

    Applicant Rules

    1. Guys must live in a house with their wife, girlfriend, or housemate, who will participate in the videotaping.

    2. You must either own the property or have written permission from the owner.

    3. You must also provide a minimum of one friend who will participate in the videotaping.

    4. You, your wife or girlfriend, and friends must be available for 3 weekdays to participate in the taping and transformation.

    Please submit Name, Phone #, & JPEG Photo of yourself via email:
    Shana Kemp
    Casting Director
    818-753-3158 (o)
    818-753-3101 (fax)

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    OMG can't wait to see this on tv

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