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Thread: Swan Winner: The Makeover Wasn't Necessary

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    Swan Winner: The Makeover Wasn't Necessary


    May 27, 2004 -- STOP the presses: Ra chel Love Fraser, the winner of "The Swan" makeover pageant, doesn't want to pursue a career in show-biz.
    She just wants to go home and start life again with her family.

    Fraser says she wanted to get on the hit Fox show not only to change her appearance physically but to straighten out some emotional issues that had plagued her all her life.

    "What really turned me on to the whole thing was that it was about life transformation, not just about plastic surgery," the 27-year-old Seattle resident told The Post yesterday.

    "It's about changing your mental and emotional status," she said. "During the entire show I received a great deal of therapy and life coaching and I was able to deal with a lot of issues that are now in my past.

    "I was able to gain a new respect for myself and for my place in this world and what I can bring to it."

    The statuesque Fraser, originally from Elgin, Ill., lived in California and Las Vegas before moving to Seattle. She and husband Mike live with Mitchell, Mike's 11-year-old son from his first marriage. (His daughter, Sierra, lives with her mom.)

    During her four-month makeover, Fraser couldn't see Mike and couldn't even look at her transformation.

    "I didn't want to see myself," she said. "I really wanted to focus in on my inner transformation . . . it was very liberating to not look in the mirror and really focus on what's important and that's what's inside."

    Like the other "Swan" contestants, Fraser saw her "new" self for the first time during the show's "reveal" episode.

    "I was so happy and I really loved the results," she said. "But by that point I had done so much therapy and life coaching that I was very secure with who I was anyhow so even if I hated the results I would have been a happy girl because I realized what was important in my life."

    Fraser credits that confidence to her "life coach" Nelly Galan, who also created "The Swan."

    "She's very inspirational," Fraser said. "She basically said you have to harness all of the great energy inside of you and use that to motivate you to be a better person."

    Fraser had to quit her job as a construction company office worker so what's next?

    "My goal here is not to leave behind my old life, like 'I'm this completely different person so that's too good for me.'

    "Definitely not," she said. "I want to keep my options wide open."

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    That's really nice. Good for her!

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    I think Rachel looks great. I wanted her to win the pageant. You can tell she was full of confidence during the pageant. Good for her!!

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    I like her, she seems the most together. Not as sure about her husband, lol. But, am I the only one who thought the pageant was FUN!!! I thought the music was fun and it was amazing seeing these girls strut their stuff some better than others, a couple of them seemed very uncomfortable and Marnie seemed bored or something, not sure. I mean if she can't lighten up for a fun girly fun thing like that there is no hope for her. I do hope she will pull out of her doldrums and realize that life's not so bad. I hope we get to find out what happens to them next season. I was disappointed that they didn't show the other girls that didn't make it to the pageant. I would have thought they would have had a special cheering section just for them. I wonder who all those people were in the audience? besides family I mean.

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    I was hoping either Rachel or Sirena won, so I'm satisfied.

    Rachel sounds like she's got her head screwed on straight, which is GREAT!
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    i found most of the tranformed were not all that attractive. she was and i am happy she won, though i personally think inner beauty always shines brighter. i hope all of the women good luck and hope their physical transformation only helps them with their internal stugles

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