ok, i'm not sure if i should post this in the archives because it's not really a show update about past contestants

i have some questions about it though..

on the previous 2 installments, the contestants were basically mislead about the name and premise of the show, then they discovered the real premise; that they were some fat and/or dorky losers that were competing for a 'hot' chick who claimed that she was not superficial and could look deeper than 'good looks' and find mr. right

so now that the gig is up, i figure since it's on the upcoming NBC schedule that they are now just gonna hold open casting calls for 'avg joes' and cast a 'good looking' chick who knows what the show is really about

or were they still able to trick people even though the show was already done twice, and what are they planning on doing with the fake-mama bit and the spycam on the guys that route out the superficial avg-joes?

anybody got any info on the format of the next edition