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Thread: Celebrity Mole 3

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    Celebrity Mole 3

    Does anyone know if and when they'll do another Celebrity Mole? I had so much fun with the other 2. But I read too much into hints that weren't really hints. Kind of like Corbin did. When he saw the picture of the goldfish, he thought Tracey Gold. Then you had the 7 candles. When they were being picked up and Tracey was standing outside the jewelry store I saw the word gold. I thought "They're in Mexico (or Spain). Shouldn't everything be in Spanish. So why would the word gold be in English? It's Tracey." Then I kept thinking of the "Mole On Board" sign on the taxi. Usually it's "Baby on Board". Keisha was the youngest in the group so I thought it was her. I guess I was way off. I finally got it right though but it was just a guess. It wasn't because of hints because the hints were things that you wouldn't recognize as hints. Who should be on the next Mole?
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    From what I gather there won't be another Celebrity Mole

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    Not necessarily true... ABC has relenquished the rights to the Mole series, so theoretically, it could be picked up by a cable network and produced there. Ahmad probably wouldn't be back for it, though.

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