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Thread: Question about old show

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    Question about old show

    This is my first time posting, even though I have been reading post for a while, so I hope I do it correctly.

    My question...Does anyone remember the show about the five ladies and 50 men in Alaska? Each week there was a challenge and then a private date along with a big dinner. At the end of the season, two couples were still "together." One was going to try dating without all the cameras and drama and the second was going to get married if it worked out with their families approval. Does anyone know what happened to those couples?

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    The show was "Bachelorettes in Alaska", and it unfortunately pre-dates this site, so I can't point you to any recaps or anything.

    And I haven't heard anything regarding the couples from the show...

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    I did read somewhere that the only real "couple" from the show ended up breaking up several months after the show aired. What was the name of those people, I can't remember, I think it was like Sissy and Troy or something like that. They were pretty much "dating" the entire run of the show.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reality News Online
    Bachelorettes in Alaska Break-Up: So Much for Reality TV Romance
    by Susan Schechter -- 09/08/2002

    It appears that Sissie and Brent from Bachelorettes in Alaska have broken up - and Susan is broken-hearted. We don't know what happened, but we can speculate. Is romance on reality TV really possible?

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    Thanks! Exactly what I wanted to know!

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