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Thread: Where's the dirty dozen?

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    Where's the dirty dozen?

    Let me explain. This past weekend I went to the extreme makeover auditions in Alexandria LA. I was the tenth in line. I got there at 5 A.M. for a 10 A.M. audition. Needless to say there was plenty of time to chat and we did. The first twelve in line got to know each other pretty well and we named ourselves the dirty dozen. They said they were picking 5 people that day so we are all hoping we will have at least one from our group.I told them to come here to keep us all informed. If anyone gets a callback, let us know here. Look forward to hearing from someone.
    (My givin nickname at the audition)

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    I was not one of the dirty dozen, but I was in line right behind your group. I gave you my drawing number, just wondering if you won anything? let me know. good luck!

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    Hey girl,
    Actually they didn't draw with those numbers. Everyone who had a number got free tickets to six flags so I found a lady with kids and gave here your number. Thank you so much though. I left about 1:30 that afternoon. They were supposed to be doing drawing for prizes around 4 with all of the applicants name in the drawing. Please let me know if you here anything.

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    When are you all supposed to find out if you got called back?
    Good luck!

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    They didin't really say. All I know is that the ABC news team of KLAX of Alexandria LA (I think that's there call letters) are picking the 5 out of well over 300 I'd guess. They did say it would take awhile for them to watch all the tapes just to begin the preliminary callbacks. Till then all I can do is wait anxiously.

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    Pensacola in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mississippi how are you doing? Fine I hope. Sorry that I have not been able to get in touch with you, but I lost your number. Send me an e-mail so that I can call you. I have not heard anything as of yet but I hope we will hear something soon. Well talk with you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DIRTY DOZEN TILL I DIE.........................

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    Hey woman,
    ]I can't track down my addresses either, so don't feel bad. Hopefully, someone will get pickled out of us and we'll be able to watch them adn say. "hey, I know that woman" I'm glad you fouund the sight. Drop me line!!

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