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Thread: The Anna Nicole Show

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    Quote Originally Posted by roseskid
    Thanks for the big laughs! I know. . . the s-l-o-w c-o-m-p-l-a-i-n-i-n-g voice she has. . . I just want to walk into the room, slapping my hands together, and shooing them to go out and play like I did when my kids were little!!!!
    Oh my God! I know what you mean. She has this whiny voice-sounds like she's nagging all the time-but I swear she's smoking something illegal. She said on a talk show once that it's just the way she talks, her Texas slang. Sure, Texas slang...Riiiight.
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    Citizen Kaos. . . . yeah, I agree that might be believable, but then every once in a while she speaks very clearly, dare I say "normal and sober", so it's very odd to have a Texas twang mysteriously come and go, isn't it??!! I'm not buying it! :phhht She needs to think of another explanation!
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    Guys it's not all about popping pills, you have to eat right and do a little excercise. She wasn't that big IMO b/c she's a tall and curvy woman. Some people CAN get back into shape and tone up without doing any surgery. When she was "big" she still had somewhat of a small waist. All you really saw was her biss a*s and breast. She's a pretty lady WITHOUT the slutty red lipstick. I just can't see her having ALOT of fat left over like the 350 - 400 pound folks. She wasn't THAT big.

    *I think it was the WAY Kid Rock told her to shut off the cameras. HE was also lecturing her about having the cameras following her around. He came off as an a*s to ME. There's a proper way to ask for something. Using the F word when you're trying to get something done is just not appropriate. She made him ask in an appropriate manner and she kindly asked the camera man to turn it off. It's all about having some MANNERS.

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    "I just can't see her having ALOT of fat left over like the 350 - 400 pound folks. She wasn't THAT big."

    You don't have to be HUGE before losing weight to have baggy saggy skin. Some people just don't have good skin. I am one of those people. I am not "fat", but being a little over my goal weight, being pregnant and then not losing the weight in a good time, has left my skin, well, not as nice as it was. LOL

    If Anna had surgery, jeez, just say it! NO ONE CARES! It is the total opposite now. When people get plastic surgery, they waive it like a banner. Plus, better to be just skinny. Now she is a skinny liar! Come clean Anna! We know your secret! Did you really think it would NEVER come out??

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