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Thread: Why do people watch reality tv shows?

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    Why? because it's so much fun. who doen't like to see regular people put in situations where they are out of control and over react I do and so does everyone else. I'll take watching some dude saying
    " Seriously Dude I'm Gay" over some cop saying some corny line with a stoic face and bland dialog. Reality rocks

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    Reality TV satisfies the voyeur in me. Much like lurking through posts, I like seeing what people think, how people react, what kind of people sign up for these things, etc. It's entertaining to see people you might run into on the street and thinking hey weren't you on tv? I dunno, do we even need a reason?

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    I watch reality TV because I find it applies a lot more to my life than scripted TV. Almost every single reality tv show I watch lends itself to something I can do to improve or at least enjoy the next day more.

    It also let me make the above excuse for watching 2 hours of TV on a weeknight rather than doing something more tangible :-).


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    It's so funny b/c I don't consider AI a reality show but more of a talent show. Shrugs
    I like reality shows b/c of the variety. I may make comments but I'm not one to think I'm better than any of them b/c I'm sure plenty of the people on this board have similar or worse issues. We've all made dumb mistakes but now on TV like them. We didn't have thousands of people laughing at us. I try to remind myself that these people are just like us.

    I like to see the "reality" of a certain industry. I want to know what goes on and whats the procedure. As real as it CAN be. Such as the fashion industry (Top Model) or the beauty industry (Blow Out).

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    Usually depends what show it is and who is in it..... For example my all time reality tv fave is MTV's Real World. From Season 1, 8, & 9 that I liked I would have to draw out Season 3 as the favorite The San Francisco Cast. When I got introduced to Pedro Zamora and meeting the individual cast members that was gonna live in a loft for a couple of months etc etc etc. I got hooked. Though Puck became the black sheep roomate I watched every episode all the way to the finale when Rachel was the last roomate to leave the house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geekgirl
    For me it just appeals to my nature. I'm a very quiet, introspective person and I love people watching and just observing the world. So reality TV appeals to that side of me. I know the shows are the products of editing (and in some cases, manipulation) more than anything, but it is still raw, unscripted behavior and I enjoy watching it.
    I'm the same way. I'm fascinated by the social dynamics, the personal psychology, which is why it's so irritating when producers start orchestrating events or, in the case of American Casino, even scripting some dialogue.
    It's unnecessary.
    I think they're worried about boring the audience, but the thrill-seekers or plot-seeking viewers are already long gone (if they were ever there to begin with) while the loyal voyeurs like me are getting turned off by the meddling.
    "Totalitarianism demands, in fact, the continuous alteration of the past, and in the long run probably demands a disbelief in the very existence of objective truth." George Orwell

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    I think we are a nation of nosey people and we watch reality shows to find out about the lives of 'everyday normal people'!!! Reality shows are good fun!!

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    I watch reality t.v. for a few reasons. First, there isn't that much of a long-term time commitment. You can watch the first season of Bachelor (for instance) and not the other, and not miss anything if you come back to the 3rd. And, they don't run that many episodes. I get bored with The Real World because it takes longer to broadcast than it did to tape. For this reason, I prefer cable scripted series such as Sex & the City (max. 18 eps in one season), Monk, Reno 911, etc.

    Second, though I love love love the sitcom format, everything on now is so watered down, so without edge, sarcasm, or wit there's nothing good to watch (maybe with the exception of Arrested Development). Seinfeld would be canceled after 3 episodes if it debuted now.

    Also I dig schadenfreude.

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    I find it comforting to see that there are people out there who are even more dysfunctional than I am.

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