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Thread: Please Help Me

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    Please Help Me

    Please help save my home and family!
    The house is old but it is a family home was given to my fiance when his parents died it has been in his family since 1961 and now it is in forcolsure will go up for auction in september

    My 14 month old son, me, my fiance and many family members will be homeless.

    Our House has many problems it is unleveled, Water stains on the cieling, holes in the floor, the walls are peeling, electricity in some rooms do not work, no heat, cracked tile, Hole in the cieling in my sons room and smells like mildew so he sleeps in the living room, holes in the wall, broken stair railing, broken stairs, worped cabinets and counter tops from water damage, un completed back yard, open wires, uncompleted construction, back porch has holes, exsposied wire, Chimney broken, extension cords throughtout the house for electricity, beams showing.

    We have been through so much in the past few years. I live my fiance, our 14 month old son, his brother, a family friend and many cousins.

    This house was the house that the family grew up in and now where loosing it not only to foreclosure but also to age. My fiance lost his jobs about 6 months ago and has not been able to find work so we do not have the money to pay for the house or fix it.

    My fiance's brother who lives in NJ is very sick and needs a heart transplant and it has been hard on him. My son has been in out of the hospital for ear infections, he finally got tubes, he had acid reflex and has been to the hospital amny other times and has been hospital for a total of 10 days since his birth and it is hard and scary as a first time mom I would like to have another child but not if we are homeless or in a home that is falling apart I am afraid everyday that someonbe is going to come in home such as the police and take my son because of the condition of our home I get told all the time how horrible it is and it makes me feel embarrassed and a horrible mom.

    The house has also effected my relationship with my fiance we always fight over the condition, and the fact that where loosing our home, My fiance never wants to be home because we fight and it hurts him to be in the house it not only hurts us it also hurts our son because we are both very stressed out and need help. I love my fiance and do not want to loose my home or my family

    Please help keep us together and I would like to see my fiance smile which I have not seen since our son was born and it hurts me everyday. My son desrves a better home and security please do not let us become homeless please do not let me loose my family or our home. we pray to god everyday for someone to come help us.

    If anyone has any suggestions or can help please do thank you

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    While I feel for you and your situation, I'm not sure what help you think anyone here can provide.

    Life happens, unfortunately, and we ourselves are primarily responsible for how we handle it. I don't think posting on a site catering to reality TV can get you out of this situation.

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    My best advice is to contact your county and city social services agencies. If things are as bad as you say (the living conditions, no money), then you undoubtedly qualify for some kind of aid, be it federal, county or even donations from a church.

    Other than that, I don't think there is a way out of poverty except to get a job and work your way out. Are you saying that none of the many adults who live in your home have jobs? If you can't find work in your area, then as harsh as it sounds, leaving the house and moving someplace where you can find work is the only solution that makes sense if you have a child to care for. You're right, social services will take him away if the living conditions are what you've described.

    Good luck - but if I can say something without sounding too mean, never depend on the kindness or benevolence of others to solve your problems. Those reality shows where people get new houses are nice, but for each person who gets one, there's probably a hundred thousand more that need it and don't get it.

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