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Thread: 5/10 "Swan" Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by primadonna
    Most of these women will go back to their rude kids, unsupportive husbands, and face life without a personal trainer, manicurist, colorist and have to maintain botox and silicone injections. Can you imagine those ladies in their jeans and sweats, hair extensions falling out, and stuck with those BIG LIPS? That's a look that doesn't fit in Kenosha, WS or Quartzite, AZ. They are all in trouble without a shrink to work with them for a long time to come. Even the dentist said that the last lady's teeth might continue to deteriorate and the new stuff all fall out....
    PD, you put the greatest image in my head and made me crack up!!!!!! You're so right ... a few of these women, I'm sure, probably won't maintain these new gifts they've been given.

    I don't understand their combativeness and lack of enthusiasm or unwillingness to follow the directions, for example, in order to lose the weight needed for their makeover. I mean, come on! What else do they have to do while they're sitting in a posh hotel, getting their meals catered to them, being primped and pampered and given thousands upon thousands of dollars in plastic surgery, clothing, hair extentions, veneers for their teeth, makeup, etc.!

    I'm getting tired of seeing the same mouth over and over again, too. Can't they mix it up a little? Soon everyone will have the same looking smile in Hollywood. Boooring! It's too perfect. Not natural enough. But boy, would I LOVE to have the whitening procedure!

    I really like this show, but just wish the contestants would act a little more appreciative and excited, and wish they'd cut out the whining and complaining.


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    I thought Marnie(?) looked pretty before the makeover. She would have looked better if they just would have done hair, clothes, and makeup. They made her look like an old woman who had a lot of plastic surgery to look young.

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    I think last night was the worst in the results department. The first girl, Marnie, was prettier before the makeover. All she really needed was a boob job in the plastic surgery department. The rest could have been done with exercise, makeup, a good hairstyle, and a little R & R. They mucked up her pretty face by doing surgery on it - she didn't need it!!!

    The other girl would not have been pretty no matter what they did. She ended up looking like a transexual after hormone treatments. Her bone structure and eyes just didn't lend themselves to surgery and, quite frankly, I didn't see much of a difference. The blond hair was awful.

    And - I agree about the long hair. Not everyone looks good in long hair. What's wrong with a good haircut?

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