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Thread: 5/10 "Swan" Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    The second girl looked like all they did was plop a rug on her head that was not brushed! She still won't show her teeth. Two questions...did the second girl not have shoes on and is the hostess pregnant?

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    OOOOO A wildcard!

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    Wildcard, heh.

    So someone is ungrateful enough to actually walk out next week? Hrm.

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    For a "beauty" show, you think they would spend more time on the host's wardrobe - she looked like she was wearing a curtain (a very ugly) curtain last night. Her hair was all droopy and she was wearing a long necklace that brought attention to her non-existent chest -- and if she's not pregnant - why did they put her in an empire waistline??? NOBODY looks good in an empire waistline unless they are like 8 months preggo.

    This is only the second time that I have watched this show and the host looked like crap last time too ---- and I am so sick of her psycho-babble schlock that she dishes out during "the reveal" -----

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    The only redeeming quality of this show was fixing the teeth. Only one of them had a breast implant and I believe it was only one. Finally!!!! Leave the boobs out of it!! I have hated the hair from day 1-let's at least get extensions that look like hair not straw! but why (!) do they need long hair? I forget the names but the one w/ bad teeth that dyed hair from brown to blond-was anyone impressed w/the color? Holy Cow-I hated that color!! I know it seems like I'm really off the wall, but I feel I'm showing a lot of restraint! IMHO, these women only need a shot of self-esteem, not a boob job. Kindness and guidance, not getting their skin pulled and fat sucked and hair extensions added and feminine curves implanted.

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    Most of them need new MEN!!

    I am not afraid of dying....I just don't want to be there when it happens!

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    Most of these women will go back to their rude kids, unsupportive husbands, and face life without a personal trainer, manicurist, colorist and have to maintain botox and silicone injections. Can you imagine those ladies in their jeans and sweats, hair extensions falling out, and stuck with those BIG LIPS? That's a look that doesn't fit in Kenosha, WS or Quartzite, AZ. They are all in trouble without a shrink to work with them for a long time to come. Even the dentist said that the last lady's teeth might continue to deteriorate and the new stuff all fall out....

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    Quote Originally Posted by waypast40
    Most of them need new MEN!!
    are we blaming these womens issues on their husbands/bf???

    other than the guy cheating on his wife on yesterdays show, most of the husbands/bf seemed supportive of there wives/gf

    they pretty much had the attitude "i love you the way that you are, that's why i married you"

    the women for the most part just really have low self esteem, there was one chick on there , i didn't see the whole show and couldn't figure out what she said was wrong with her but apparently she needed a swan makeover

    btw, how did her teeth get that way??? she must brush her teeth with dr. pepper

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    I think you mean Marnie, Dogg - admittedly, she was completely flat-chested and in my mind, deserving of a new set of boobs, but otherwise she was a good-looking woman who just needed a vacation, some makeup, and a good colourist. I didn't care for her Superstar Barbie makeover one bit.

    The one with the bad teeth apparently had gum disease. A friend of mine had it, and he just didn't have the bucks to get his teeth fixed properly, so they just get worse until they look like hers. I would personally take out a second mortgage on my house before I let my teeth or my kids' teeth get that bad, but that's probably just me.
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    Yea Marnie really did not look very bad in the first place. I thought they stayed with her original look very well, and the changes weren't as drastic as they were with past contestants. I can't remember her opponents name, but she ended up looking like an Olsen twin! Can't wait to see who wins the wild card slot.

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