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Thread: Huge Update On Road Rules/Real World Relationships

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    Huge Update On Road Rules/Real World Relationships

    Watch with Kristin:

    The Real World and Road Rules: You might need a flowchart and/or graph paper to follow this one. Per usual, there are so many incestuous hookups and breakups among the Real World/Road Rules crowd that they really ought to just move to a backwoods trailer park in Alabama.

    First and foremost, the latest reality couple you won't believe: Coral (RW: New York) and Abe (RR 12). You heard me right, home fries! Word is they're both living in L.A. (Coral's roomie is Melissa from RW: New Orleans) but currently traveling to different club appearances on a "reality tour" these days--and, from what I hear, enjoying a little bumpity-bump on their busity-bus. Whee! That Abe may have lost out on a full season of Road Rules for his anger-management issues, but with his Gauntlet threesome and new RW hellcat, he certainly does seem to be scoring with the ladies, hmmm?

    Another smoking-hot, "who'd a thunk it?" hookup: Robyn (RW: San Diego) and Blair (RR 10). The rumor is it was just a one-time affair, though Robyn may think otherwise. The former Coyote Ugly girl, along with Jaimie from her cast, is looking to move to L.A. (where Blair lives).

    In the Energizer Bunny (still going!) Department: Trishelle (RW: Las Vegas) and Adam (RR 10) are very much an item, as are Alton and Irulan (both from RW: Las Vegas), who are shacking up in Venice Beach and just launched their own matchmaker Website, MakeLoveHappen.com. Meanwhile, last anyone heard, Dave and Cara (both from RR: South Pacific) were still together but keeping their relationship on the DL.

    Now for the breakups: Lori (RW: New York) and Kyle (RW: Chicago--and now a big fancy Days of Our Lives star!) just ended their lengthy long-distance relationship. So did RW: Paris' Ace and Mallory. And whatever went down with Cameron and Brad on the Real World's San Diego season is "totally over," according to the bubbly blonde (that's Cameron), who said so to an audience at La Salle University in Philly a few weeks back. Her latest crush? Do you really have to ask? Yet another Real Worlder--por supuesto--Mallory's former flame Ace.

    (Pssst: Cameron also mentioned that something happens in the San Diego finale that is "huge" and has "never happened before in Real World history." Here's hoping it's someone flushing Frankie's head down the toilet.)

    Meanwhile, it seems darling little Kendal (RR 11) is the only one sensible enough to get out of the tangled web those incestuous horndogs weave. I couldn't help but flash her a thumbs-up sign (how cool am I?) when, after seeing her berated by her Inferno fling, Mike "the Miz," on Monday night's episode, I spotted Miss Thang at the Beverly Center mall in Hollywood, locking lips with a boy who was not--as far as I could tell--of the reality-slut variety. You go, girl.

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    Hmm, I think that I knew about some of those. I don't know where I heard it from but I knew something.

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    Er......wow some of those are ummm
    Coral and Abe? Oh gee whiz no more #1 Wal-Mart fan Abe and Leah.

    Thanks for posting that AIWANNABE. Very entertaining.

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    I knew about Mallory and Ace breaking up and Ace getting together with Cameron. That's the only one I knew about however.

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    ...Coral and Abe?

    No comment.

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    I'm bacckkk LiVvV's Avatar
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    I can't believe how much love dramas these people get themselves into to have affairs or love relationship with other cast members, can they find people from outside MTV ? Or they just simply don't have any other life? Or they can't interact with normal people? I don't get it

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    I like them silent WomynLee's Avatar
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    Thanks AI! Hmmm...what "never happened before in Real World history?" I thought it's all been done.

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