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Thread: Anyone know where I can buy videos of past Real World/Road Rules seasons?

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    Anyone know where I can buy videos of past Real World/Road Rules seasons?

    I wasn't sure exactly where to put this thread so I put it here. I tried an eBay and Google search but found nothing. For some reason, I've just had a hankering to watch all the old episodes...

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    I know Real World has a DVD of Las Vegas, as well as numerious complelation DVD

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    I have seen various MTV videos on sale at my local Sam Goody - full season tapes, compilation tapes such as the "uncensored" out-takes tapes etc. (a note on them: I bought the "uncensored" Real-World Hawaii video a few years ago and it still had black bars over the nudity and bleeped out profanities so I am not sure exactly what was uncensored about it ).

    Now the Jerry Springer uncensored tapes are another story.

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    The Seasons if you are asking the ONLY ONE that ever got released to my knowledge was Season 1 New York...
    I saw it and it was OK and all but one MAJOR downside, the music that you may have seen on the show is NOT THERE. Probably because of music rights and all that jazz.

    The seasons I like to see put out is SAN FRANCISCO and HAWAII!

    Now MTV has done assorted "The Real World You Never Saw from each season varying from pretty good to very meh. Majority of them VHS format and some on DVD....

    Heres a link if interested

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