View Poll Results: Who's your favorite In A Fixer?

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  • Marc, the host

    1 2.44%
  • James, the Aussie woodworker

    14 34.15%
  • Justin, the drywall king

    8 19.51%
  • Danny, the goof-off

    1 2.44%
  • Greg, the whiner

    0 0%
  • Jennie, the girl

    5 12.20%
  • Sparky, the electrician

    8 19.51%
  • Nani, the designer

    3 7.32%
  • Franzella, the designer

    1 2.44%
  • Deborah, the designer

    0 0%
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Thread: Who's your favorite In A Fixer?

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    Fashionista Sandinista Chorita KaBoom's Avatar
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    S P A R K Y!

    Even with his mullet and little bald spot, he's just too sweet and HOT not to vote for him. James is cute, and really funny, but he's just not Sparky.
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    I see what you did there Mah Jongg Solitaire Champion Maveno's Avatar
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    I voted Danny. He cracks me up a lot.

    They're all funny to me, each in thier own lil way. I love this show because they're so much more relaxed and fun as opposed to Trading Spaces or WYWO, etc..

    This is the best makeover show out there right now IMO.
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    FORT Fan
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    Nani rox! Somebody's got to ride those unruly boys and she's got the ovaries to do it. I haven't watched the show enough to catch the other designers. But I DO love watching Nani roll in and take over. Such energy, such determination! If I were lost in the jungle I'd want Nani right in front of me, using her machete to hack us a path outta there. lol

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    FORT Fogey CantGetNuf's Avatar
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    I can't do it. I just can't vote. I love them all.
    Jenny totally rocks. Theres no job she can't do and she does it looking sexy and without breaking a fingernail.
    Sparky is totally hot with a great attitude.
    James talent and personality. I love his wood designs and the love he puts into them. He cracks me up with his enthusiasm.
    Justin I used to think was the biggest jerk. Well I still think that but he also has a soft side. He difiinatly rocks when it comes to getting the job done.
    Danny has a funny and a serious side. He really gets a lot of the job done and he seems like a really likable guy.
    Greg isn't one of my favorites but he does add to the show. His whining keeps reminding us how hard of a job they really have.
    I love all of the designers and would beg any of them to redo my house but I too like Nani the best.

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    jennie the girl

    because they shouldn't just put you as jennie the girl, you do more work than the lot of them!!!!!!

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    Ok so I am a blonde fanatic so its a close between Jenni and Nani. I have to say Jenni. Shes as close as this show could get to a Playboy playmate. Who acutally does more than shes given credit for and knows more than is shown on the show. I mean they could devote a hour to this hottie and put it on primetime and have a ratings knockout. Shes awesome!!!!!
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