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Thread: May Sweeps and Reality TV

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    May Sweeps and Reality TV

    I am just curious.. I by far enjoy reality TV over thigns like sitcoms and other thigns of that nature.. and while I am sure most people on this board agree with me, why does there seem to be so few GOOD reality shows on this Month? I am just looking at my sig and I see 4 shows, one is ending next week, the other 3 in a few weeks... (thanks for the sig idea AIWANNABE by the way..) And then I look at what I am looking forward to, I know Forever Eden is supposedly coming back in June, but not many people liked that show, and the rest I don't know when they will return, but I think they will at some point.. Big Brother is a more "Live" show, and I know they are casting for that.. BUT ANYWAY... getting back on topic... Why is it May Sweeps is excluding Reality TV? we seem to have a large fanbase of people here, I have no idea how many active members visit through out say a week, but I am sure its alot.. and as such we are AVID reality TV watchers, the less avid, but still intrigued fans of Reality TV who don't go ranting and posting about what happened last week still will watch I think... or maybe I am just completely off and really there aren't that many people who like it and its just me wishful thinking.. anyone have any insight?
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    That is a very interesting post, but first you must look at a couple things.

    #1 Look where you're at. You're at the Fans of Reality TV page, so everyone here who watches those shows will be here to talk about them. If i wanted to talk about Sports, let's say Basketball, there would be a handful of people who would, but if i wanted to talk Survivor, there are hundreds upon hundreds wou would. Big difference.
    #2 Ratings. Playing it Straight and Forever Eden were, safe to assume, big cornerstones Spring Lineup. With failures of those two shows, add Joe Millionaire 2, and you have extra time slots for slow people/fast animals.
    #3 Programming. NBC is saying goodbye to both Frasier and Friends, so they're going to milk that for as much as its worth. Even Cable Channel TV Land is blacking out for Friends. So the majority of people will watch these series finales, and advertising will go there.
    #4 Shows. Have you looked at the Summer Lineup? Returns of Last Comic Standing, Who wants to Marry my Dad, Joe Schmo, Simple Lilfe, and probably a lot more which i'm forgetting, Add Forever Eden and Playing it Straight, and the Restaurant II, there's a lot for the summer.
    #5 Reality. I leave this at the end because people will argue with me (especially here) the Reality TV genre isn't as strong as it was last year. Now, all of the sudden the "can't miss" genre is missing bad. I can name some flops off the top of my head *cough* the family *cough*. Race to the Altar? Are you Hot?

    That's my opinion....

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    Great post Psi, thought I would add on to some upcoming reality shows:

    The Amazing Race 5, The Simple Life 2, Big Brother 5, The Casino, The Benefactor, Playing It Straight, Plain Jane, I'm a Rich Kid... Get Me Out Of Here, For Love or Money 3, Who Wants to Marry My Dad? 2, Last Comic Standing 2, Joe Schmo Show 2, Superstar USA

    Just to name a few.

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    : Ya, i was to lazy to find your sig on a random post, but i knew they were all there

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