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Thread: The Swan, Episode 4 Recap -- "I Don't Know What to Think of This Show"

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    What you will read and see in this recap is a writer struggling with the premise of this show. I don't know what to think of this show.
    I'm with you on that Shay.

    Her upper lip is the size of a small European nation.

    I forget the word! Is it acrophobic? Or is that the fear of circus performers?

    In a shocking twist, Beth wears a maroon dress,

    Great job Shay.
    I'd definitely struggle to watch this show week after week, so definite "props" go to you for that and for your great recap
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    For disclaimer purposes, I want to say that I don't actually watch this show in its entirety because it makes me sad, but I think I have enough of it's flavor from the bits I can't miss when I'm flipping and from the intelligent recaps.

    Actually, that first sentence pretty much sums up how I feel about the whole show. Sad. Beth was beautiful before and now looks like a porn star. Kathy was cute (I understand her wanting a nose job) and now looks like a tarted up country singer. Neither looks unique or particularly special, just like a plasticized, makeup-troweled-on mannequin.

    The bit about Beth's parents was really repulsive to read - what kind of mother wants to lay that kind of emotional baggage on her child during a time like that? It was just sad, sad, sad.

    I feel genuine pity for the majority of the people involved in this trainwreck; one wonders how they're going to adjust to their regular lives after the pageant's over and they're left with the face and cutting comments about their imperfections from these so-called "professionals."

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    This has been my problem with the show. It "seems" to be about "helping" these poor disturbed women who also seem to have bad noses, small boobs, and bad teeth that causes their mates to possibly act out in a smarmy manner (ie, other women). It appears that the surgeons, after hearing their sad stories, perk up (bad pun) because they just know by doing the new nose, sucking out the excess fat, reshaping the body, and spending only 3 months on personal reflection, everything will magically be ok. The women will now be empowered to be the new "everywoman", with a little bit of surgical help.

    Unless these problems were made up for tv, I don't think 3 months of counselling is enough time for what these women have been through.

    These women could have been helped w/dental fixings, exercise and proper diet, and a normal hairdresser. Not the hairdresser for Barberella! I just have visions of these women going home, having a bad hair day, and then losing their s*** because their hair is now a rat's nest(!) and they don't know how to fix it.

    Thank you for letting me vent. Hey, maybe I should apply for this show-they could give me 3 months of counselling AND a new face and body!

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    The difference between this show & Extreme Makeover (which I LOVE), is that this show seems to focus on average-looking people with very low self-esteem who think their problems in life are all due to their appearance. It gives the false impression that if you get plastic surgery (to the point that you are virtually unrecognizable to your family & friends), then your problems in life will be solved. Extreme Makeover focuses on people who, despite not being particularly attractive, don't wallow in self-pity. The people on EM seem to be more level-headed, aren't looking to surgery for the wrong reasons, & when they are done, they look like improved versions of themselves, instead of a complete stranger. The Swan seems more about shock value, whereas EM is more about helping someone improve their quality of life, b/c let's face it, we live in a world where people are judged on their appearance.

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