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Thread: Simon To Create An Older 'idol'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kariann1
    Didn't Oprah have a contest similar to this? The winner was a gal from Detroit with a husband and FIVE kids!
    I think so, I was flipping through the channels a while ago and saw some of it. I haven't seen much of AI, but the finalists on the Oprah thing all exuded a confidence that none on the AI kids have because it takes time to develop. They were just being themselves, not trying to impress anyone with an over-the-top performance. They already have careers or families and it was just fun for them. An older AI type show could show what some life experience can do.

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    I'm really looking forward to it. It should be very entertaining.

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    I agree that a show with older contestants could be amazing!
    The singers will have more emotional experiences to draw on for their performances and will have more years of singing under their belts.

    Simon also will be less inclined to make comments about the contestants trying to act older than they are... I guess he'll have to start making comments that they should act their age and less like a child !!

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    The X Factor
    The X Factor in September

    Simon Cowell will be a judge in The X Factor starting on ITV in the United Kingdom from September.

    Simon Cowell said anyone from 16 to pensioners can take part: "We're not specifically looking for a pop star of 80, but the age limit is off."

    The judges

    Three judges will each have one of the groups to manage. The X Factor will screen each week - one hour of performances and 30 minutes of results - and viewers will vote on which is the best group and who is the best judge.

    Simon Cowell will be one judge while Westlife manager Louis Walsh will probably be another.

    Ex-Scary Spice Mel B could be the third judge. The Sun speculated that Sharon Osbourne would be the third judge in the hope she would be the rudest judge ever on British TV.

    A source told Broadcast magazine: "It will be like judge wars. Will Louis Walsh win the show or will Simon Cowell? They will be doing everything they can to win the Saturday night show and will pull out every trick in the book to do so."

    "The judges are in competition as well as the artists," Simon Cowell said. "This time I'm going to be putting my reputation on the line as well."


    Auditions for candidates aged 16+ will take place in six cities and was open to bands as well as solo artists. 120 successful candidates in the auditions will then be split into three groups: 16-24 year olds, 25+ year olds, and a third group which will form a band.
    I wonder why he is forming a band out of some of the people, he has always been so againest it. By the way it has been confirmed that Sharon Osbourne will be one of the judges, very interesting. Too bad I am not in the UK.

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    The Uk has been so saturated by talent shows that this one will have to be very different to make an impact. Our recent Pop Idol 2 contestants have flopped badly after the show.

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    Agreed that 16 is still young - I'd agree with 21 being the age, so that people that elect to go to college can likely complete school and have a career when their 15 minutes ends.
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