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Thread: How to Get on Extreme Makeover

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    How to Get on Extreme Makeover

    My husband is in the Marine Corps and left to go to Iraq on March 2nd 2004 (which was our 2nd year wedding anniversary) I need an extreme makeover so bad and do not know there address. Nor do I really know what I need to do. I take it that I need to send in some kind of tape but that's about it. My husband would be so shocked to come home from Iraq and see a new me. It would be so awesome if I could get that expierience. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    Go to and type in Extreme Makeover. When the site come up, there will be a link to click for the official application.

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    hi my name is adrian am 27 years old black male.from florida and i'll like to win. a free make over

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    Hey there. Go to ABC's web site download the application. On the Video tape, be creative. They also like personality to go with whom ever chose.
    I was shocked when me and my wife got chosen. They didn't show our audition tape. I was dancing in boxers to music acting goofy. Just have fun doing the tape and be sure to at least show what you need done too.
    Good luck.

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