Hello Bill:

In perusing the web for Star Dates info, I came across your well-written and fun reviews of this show. Very funny stuff.

I have a comment to make about the Butch Patrick critique as it is my opinion (if you care for an unknown opinion) that we saw one portion of the date with Eden differently.

In your review, regarding the photo signing incident at the fair, you state, "In what could only be described as a Coke commercial moment where Mean Joe Greene gives the little boy his jersey, Butch is annoyed, but offers to get a photo and sign it. He doesnít forget to tell the fan though that it will be $10!".

When the 'trekkie' approaches to have his Eddie Munster photo signed by the celebrity, Butch tells him initially that he has closed down his shop and will return tomorrow. It is the trekkie who says he will not be at the fair tomorrow, so Butch obliges the trekkie by going back to the roller suitcase for one of the headshots to sign for him. I did not perceive that Butch was annoyed; just side tracked. I saw Butch say that the price of the photo was $10.00 only to make sure that if he was going to return to the roller suitcase, pull out a photo and sign it for 'Steve', that the trekkie knew that there was a fee involved. This is why Butch turns to him and says, "It is $10.00. Do you still want it?" I did not see that Butch wanted the $10 so desperately, but that if he was going to go through the effort to oblige the last minute-trekkie, that there was a fee involved.

I actually saw the way Butch handled this situation, not as an annoyance but rather as a friendly gesture toward the trekkie. He went that 'extra mile' for the trekkie, which is a nice personal attribute. Too bad that Eden did not see that, but then again, right from the start, she was not going to accept any date she met at a fair.

I am still laughing at Butch's 'Fly III' impersonation, "Help Me!"