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Thread: Online Reality Shows

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    Online Reality Shows

    well reality shows are becoming more and more popular now and days.
    i have made my own online reality show and saw some i was interested in.
    please list some online reality shows you are interested in or sign up for.

    "The Killer" Like the popular card game "Mafia" but this time without cards.
    There will be 10 players. Among the ten will be 1 murder and 2 undercover cops. In every round you will play 1 game. Who ever wins that game will be be safe. If you are safe you cant be killed. After the games you will all go into different rooms. Whoever is in the same room with the killer, is dead. The undercover cops job is to accuse one person of the murders. If the cop guesses wrong the cop dies automaticly. If both cops die the game is over and the killer wins. If the cop correctly guesses the identity of the murder, the players win. The cops can not accuse untill there are only 5 people left...
    So please sign up

    my online top model version please sign up

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    Online reality shows have been out for about 4 years. I have played in over 25 ranging from Survivor, Big Brother, The Mole, and Murder In Small Town X. There you to be a really great website (forget the name) where they had online reality shows to sign up for and to read episodes. There were over 100 different shows, it was amazing.

    Our own FORT has a ton of different reality shows, some based on TV, others not. I would try looking there for other online reality games.

    ETA: I found the website:

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    I remember I used to do online reality shows XD XD XD !!!

    I hosted several through email were it lasted for weeks just like the show, one was Murder in Small Town X

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    I never understood the appeal of online "reality shows", or why anyone would want to organize or participate. Which, I guess, is why most threads like this end up deleted.

    It's not about a reality show, so strictly speaking, it's off-topic here.

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