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Thread: Extreme Makeover 4-14-04 Episode: "From Losers to Lovers"

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    Extreme Makeover 4-14-04 Episode: "From Losers to Lovers"

    Hey all! It has been a couple weeks since we last visited Extreme Makeover, but fear not for this week is a brand spanking new episode featuring ugly ducklings turned into beautiful swans. And no, they don’t even have to compete in a pageant afterwards to prove their worth!

    Our first makeoveree is James Bower from Colorado. He believes he has been a loser all his life. Currently he sells and installs car stearo systems and views this as a dead end job. He feels he would be more successful at it if his looks were more attractive to prospective customers. Most of all, he wants is to be more attractive and have a girlfriend.

    Unfortunately, James was picked on a lot in school with kids flipping his ears as he walked by. Eventually this cruelty led him to the wrong crowd. Sadly that crowd, too, decided to turn against him and attacked him in a park one night. James tearily explains how they broke his nose and lacerated his temple leaving a large scar, which constantly reminds him of the incident. He would love to have Extreme Makeover help him gain more confidence and possibly get beyond his troubling childhood experiences.

    Our second makeoveree is Kacie from Los Angeles. Because of her looks, Kacie has excluded herself from the world and has lost a lot of confidence in her self. She hates her nose and feels her flat chest makes her look like a boy. Like James, Kacie also had a difficult time in school. She was never a part of the cool crowd and felt like an outsider most of the time. Because of the stress of her social situation, Kacie started not going to classes and almost flunked out of school. Her mother eventually took the initiative and home schooled her for the rest of her high school years. Even though her mother has helped her out a lot, their relationship is still difficult sometimes. Kacie’s family is very big on teasing one another, but unfortunately Kacie feels the brunt of it most of the time. She’s learned to laugh it off as she has grown older, but would prefer not getting teased at all.

    Her dream is to be married one day and have kids, but right now she finds it to be a near impossibility. She did get married at 17, but unfortunately that marriage ended a year ago. Kacie says she got married because he wanted her, and she wanted someone to make her feel beautiful. She eventually realized no one can make you feel beautiful if you don’t feel it yourself. Kacie also has a big dream of going to cosmetology school, but doesn’t feel she is beautiful enough to be a part of that profession. She is hoping this Extreme Makeover will help her accomplish her dreams.

    In LA, Kacie meets up with Dr. Jon Perlman for her consultation. She mentions one of her biggest (no pun intended) concerns is her nose. She wants the bump removed and doesn’t like how it hangs down. Dr. Perlman suggests also adding chin and cheek implants to help balance out the nose. He will also fix her drooping eyelids and the bags under her eyes (she’s not even 22!). Lastly Dr. Perlman tells Kacie she is an excellent candidate for breast implants. Kacie says, “I don’t want to be Miss America, I just want to be comfortable in my skin.”

    James also arrives in LA and meets with Dr. Harvey Zarem for his consultation. James starts off by saying, “I’ve never been called handsome in my entire life.” James explains about his attack and how he mostly wants the scar removed from his temple since it is a daily reminder of that trauma. Along with fixing James’ scar and crooked nose, Dr. Zarem suggests cheek and chin implants to give an overall fuller look to his face. Lastly, Dr. Zarem explains how he will be able to help pin James’ ears back so they won’t stick out as much anymore. Dr. Zarem says about James, “I think he’s going to feel good about himself, and if you feel good about yourself you’re handsome.”

    After that consultation, James heads over to see Dr. William Dorfman for his dental consultation. Dr. Dorfman says James’ teeth are a “disaster” as we see James sitting with a large plastic mold holding his mouth open. Dr. Dorfman plans on giving James’ 25 veneers and crowns, 6 root canals, 4 crown lengthening, and 1 lip repositioning! James is going to get what we called an “Extreme Dental Makeover”.

    Although apprehensive and excited about their surgeries, both Kacie and James go through it with flying colors. And as an Extreme Makeover first, Kacie and James meet one another at their hotel as they are recovering. James makes the initial move by sitting down with Kacie and asking how things are going. Both feel it was a little awkward at first, but eventually they warmed up to one another. Kacie found James to be very sweet and thinks there might even be a possibility for something more!

    After both get most of their bandages off, James brings Kacie some flowers and asks her to accompany him on a picnic. They both prepare for their “first date” and hope there will be some hand holding and possible kissing. When they do finally head out on their picnic, things are a little nerve-wracking at first, but eventually they both get comfortable with one another and end the date with a sweet kiss. Later on, we see both of them talking to their moms saying how they feel a great connection with one another and have many similarities. Will they still like one another this much after the Extreme Makeover is done? That’s still yet to be seen.

    Before finalizing her makeover, Kacie heads over to see dermatologist Dr. Ava T. Shamban to have a tattoo removed from her stomach. It’s her ex-husband’s name and is a constant reminder of her past. She is very excited about getting it removed and moving ahead to a possible future with James.

    James also has some final preparations to make. In another Extreme Makeover first, James visits psychologist Dr. Catherin Seldon to help cope with his memories of his attacks. She helps him makeover his memories and hopefully attach something positive like the Extreme Makeover or meeting Kacie to what once was a terrible trauma. James appreciates not only the physical makeover he’s going through, but also the spiritual and mental makeovers. James then heads over to Dr. Dorfman’s for his “Extreme Dental Makeover”. When finished he can’t believe how perfect his teeth are, and cannot wait to show Kacie.

    James and Kacie are then forced to say good-bye for a couple weeks as James heads back home. Both feel their relationship has been quite intense in the past three weeks. Kacie feels James is “the one”, but James is worried she might be a little ahead of him. He fears what reality might bring as they both continue to find jobs and live in different areas. He remains positive, though, and tells Kacie he’ll see her in a couple weeks.

    James gets groomed with new clothes and freshly cut and dyed hair. He then makes his way over to reveal himself to his family and friends. He admits he feels more confident and is ready to begin his new life. When he enters the room in front of his family and friends, his Mom screams, “Oh my God!” and everyone else cheers. His dad even sheds a uncharacteristic tear or too.

    James received a nose job, cheek and chin implants, his ears pinned back, scar revision, lip repositioning, and extreme dental work. The pictures below I don’t think do him justice. He looked even more handsome on the show.


    Before Kacie heads to see her family, she gets Lasik eye surgery and is then outfitted with an original Richard Tyler dress. Kacie is so thankful for her makeover and feels she is finally a woman now. As she enters the room for her reveal, her mom immediately starts crying. James is also there to see the new Kacie, and is in utter shock. He gushes, “She is drop dead gorgeous”, and Kacie says James is “Seriously hot.”

    As a special gift to Kacie, she is presented with a full scholarship to the Paul Mitchell School of Cosmotology in order to fulfill her dream. Kacie can’t believe her wonderful luck of getting a new body, a wonderful boyfriend, and a fresh start on her career.

    Kacie received upper and lower eyelid lifts, a nose job, breast implants, fat injections to the face, a chin implant, liposuction to the thighs, tattoo removal, tooth reshaping, LASIK eye surgery, and ZOOM whitening.


    To contact the author of this article send email to greenie@fansofrealitytv.com

    If you would like to apply for an Extreme Makeover click here for an application. DO NOT send your application to fansofrealitytv.com as WE ARE NOT affiliated with ABC or Extreme Makeover.

    E-mail to ABC regarding Extreme Makeover, can be sent directly to ABC's Audience Relations Department at netaudr@abc.com

    Join us in a couple weeks for another brand new episode of Extreme Makeover!
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    Kacie looks really pretty! She looks so sweet and innocent. Kacie reminds me of hmm.. Ashlee Simpson from 7th Heaven/Jessica Simpson's lil sis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frostelized
    Kacie looks really pretty! She looks so sweet and innocent. Kacie reminds me of hmm.. Ashlee Simpson from 7th Heaven/Jessica Simpson's lil sis.

    I'm not sure its all THAT flattering to be compaired to airhead Ashlee.

    However, Kacie is one of the few cases I've seen on these makeover shows where someone comes out looking really nice, in a non-hookery way (that Swan show is especially bad at this). The makeup and hair color were nice, and obviously the reason they didn't show too much gym time was that her body was already in pretty decent shape (for that matter, the C-cup they increased her to was okay for her frame--it wasn't just a case of these huge fake jugs hanging out into space).

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    This episode was my favorite so far. I was very moved by James experience and I think it's awesome that the show had someone for him to talk to about the beating. Wow, they both looked so good!! I wonder how we can find out if the romance between them lasts? You're right about him looking better on the show than in the pictures above. He looked great on TV. They both did!
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    great great job, greenie! thanks for the recap!

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    Great job on the recap Greenie! As you were telling the story you really built the excitement for seeing the before-and-after pictures.

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    They announced their engagement on Inside Edition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alizarules

    They announced their engagement on Inside Edition.
    Geez, looks like she didn't learn her lesson. After getting into one bad marriage at a young age, she's going to rush into another marriage with a guy she's only known for a couple of months? And neither one of them has a job.

    She needs to take a step back, look at herself, learn some lessons from the past, and grow up!


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    Well I just saw the rerun of this episode tonight and I gotta tell you these two are really stupid if they are gonna go out and get married just because they like the way they look. You should not rush into things like marriage esp when you have not known the person for very long. I gotta say they did way to much to kacie's face she would have been fine with just a nose job and some dental work. She looks like she's had plastic surgery I mean if the surgery is done good then you wouldn't notice but they did way to much. Oh and I wouldn't compare someone who's had plastic surgery to someone who is naturally beautiful like Ashlee Simpson(ashlee's a hottie for sure). I hope they stop living in wonderland and get a life and realize that they are not meant for each other. Poor Kacie she doesn't even look like the same person she looks way to fake. Sorry kids no matter how much work you have done you are still the same person inside, what a waste.

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