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Thread: Extreme Makeover 04/28 - Mike & Kristina (and a new format!)

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    what's with all the Lvmyangels? A touch of schizophrenia?

    Even so, what #2 said - if that is Kristina - is probably right. Why pass up the opportunity? If you have a support system at home, why not go?

    Both of them turned out really well.
    I me some Marty Casey. Go Marty!

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    Whoah! To most people, the characters you see on Extreme Makeovers are just characters, not real people. So when you criticise the show, you don't expect the real participants to read your comments, so I apologize if I caused offense.

    As far as the virgin thing goes, I cringed out of embarassment for Mike. I felt for the man, I'm not against him. But it was an extremely personal thing for him to reveal on national TV, probably sitting at home and watching with his family and friends. Of course there's nothing wrong with staying a virgin if that's your choice and your religious belief support that, but it didn't come across that way. I think he actually wants to get laid and hopefully by now he has!

    As for the thing I said about leaving your baby at home with your family, you're right, who am I to judge? It's none of my business! But for me or my wife, it's not the choice that I would make.

    Okay, I'm done!

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    Mike lokks really nice now he is very happy because extreme makeover made him that way his looks match his really big heart.Hi im his sister Tricia .Before the show my brother didnt feel the same way i just want to say thank you so much for who my brother is now.Know one real knows my brother the way i do he has always been there for me ive been through alot.But he has always told me that i can do better because of him im who i am today im in college now because of my brother he always says to me he expects more and he is right please everyone know the real mike he is very out going and he is a good friend as well.When he sets his mind to something he does it.I will tell you how big his heart is my x husband treated me like i was a know one and would tell me that i was ugly i call my brother last year when i was down my brother help me out alot he tells me thinks would get better and he told me that i was pretty thanks to my brother i found a guy just like him caring and very loving who loves me for me not someone im not.My brother never says anything bad about know one just please if you ever meet him you will see what im talking about.I also had a baby when i was 24 weeks pregnant i almost died out of all my brothers and sisters Mike was there for me he doesnt like the hospital but he would go there to see my baby and me today I have three kids and they look up to him and love him.i want my son to be like Mike.So please everyone Mike isnt some stupid guy and theres not many guys like him he has respect for everyone and he treats girls with respect now what extreme make over did for him is change his life for ever he is the happyest person now.i have them to thank the most like you so much he looks so great you will never know how much the people and staff and exspecial the show how much you mean to me and you touch everyones life for the better thank you.mike is you get this thank you little brother I love you with all of my heart .

    your baby sister ,


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