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Thread: Showbiz Moms & Dads (Bravo)

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    I loved how it said "Pagent Girl got first place in her age group, she was the only one in her age group'

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    My rantin' and ravin'!

    It is VERY hard to watch the pageant girl's mom. She always looks like she is constipated...all those weird faces she makes....makes me want to !!! She looks like the wicked witch of the east, west, north, AND south!!! Reality check, lady! I have this wild urge to slap her or throw something *anything* at my TV screen when she is on. ESPECIALLY when she smirks and makes that constipated face. Its ridiculous too that the girl placed first AND SHE IS THE ONLY ONE IN HER CATEGORY. WHERE IS THE VICTORY IN THAT??!!! Where was the competition? Dont bother tanning, etc. all she had to do was show up...since she was the only one even entering!

    And can you believe what the Nutter dad said..."I can get so into the girl thing."???!!! Whats up with THAT? He is WEIRD! When he visited his son, what was he doing? Interviewing him in a monotonous voice? Asking a million questions? His kid kept on saying "I dont know. I dont know." Dad doesnt get the hint. DAD IS NOT BONDING WITH SON.

    I get so confused with these names... I think its Shane. He is very unnatural in front of the camera and his mom is TOTALLY ENAMORED with him! She is gushing over him like she is a teeny popper fan and he is a teen idol. Why doesnt SHE ask HIM for HIS autograph. He looked like he was about to have a nervous breakdown.

    Cute little Jordan seems well grounded and really sweet and respectful. Her mom seems very decent and is the most likeable mom on the show.

    The other Jordan is not cute but she seems like a good actress. She seemed natural in her role. Nothing faked there. She DOES have a sort of husky voice which IS different. The part where the mom said "Tylenol PM is NOT a drug" was funny..."Leave mommy alone, mommy just took her sleeping pill."

    These parents can get very annoying BUT it is addicting to watch...a lot of times for the "its so unbelieveable" factor. Most of these parents seem to be living through their children...some of those parents seem...hmmmmm...demented??!!! It just seems unreal to me, somehow. My mom was the chocolate chip cookies and milk and go play outside kind of mom...not the lets go tanning because you're four years old and you look ugly without makeup in the morning and you should bounce more in the pageant kind of mom.

    What could I expect from stage moms and dads? Tsk, tsk. I should know better. BUT it makes for one heck of a good reality show...hey, I am watching...even when I

    (Forgive me, I got a little carried away with the smilies tonight)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIWANNABE
    That mom has a serious crush on her son aka HOT HOT HOT
    Oh, thank God! I thought it was just me!

    Well, I'm hooked on another one . . .

    IMHO, except for the Mosely-Stephenses (the mother and eight-year-old Jordan), every last one of these so-called parents need to have their heads examined. Or their children taken away. Or both.

    The Tyes? Debbie Tye? Airbrushing a tan on a four-year-old child? Beautiful, delicate, perfect baby skin smothered under a pound of makeup? Modeling coach? Teased and sprayed hair that could give Dolly Parton's wigs a run for their money? Debbie better watch out. Emily just might grow up and kick her butt from an Amazing Grace to a Profound Revelation. If she doesn't wind up in a rubber room in a straitjacket, that is.

    The Barrons? The teen-age Jordan and her mother (and sister)? Jordan is a teen-ager, true enough, but if I'd used that tone of voice or displayed the attitude she displays toward her mother when I was growing up and her age, I'd have been missing several teeth AND getting up off the floor. And what's up with the Tylenol PM during the DAY? First, that little rolling bitch says her Doctor told her to take it. Then, later on when the day's apparently hit the fan for her, she says her mother told her to take it. Then, still, later on, Mom's keeled over like a beached whale on the sofa with sunglasses on, inside, during the daytime. Guess what? She'd popped a Tylenol PM! Every last one of the people in that household needs to be in a shrink's office.

    The Klingensmiths? Shane and his mother? I think somebody better call Florida DFACS quick, fast and in a hellified hurry! Mama K is really starting to make my skin crawl every time one of their segments comes on.

    The Nutters? Crazy Pa Nutter? Goes to Utah to visit his son and winds up grilling him about his thoughts on "The Business" like he's an interviewer on 60 Minutes, or something? What the hell ever happened to quality time with a child? Pa Nutter having a cow 'cause Ma Nutter forgot one of the kids' head shots on a casting call? And he's clear across the country? That man is going to walk into that two-bedroom apartment one day to find that all the rest of the Nutters have bolted and left his happy ass up in there ALL BY HIMSELF. IF Ma Nutter manages to grow a spine and a mouth, that is.

    I can't WAIT for next week's show.
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    Oh, man. Shane.

    Terrible actor, really feminine- the English accent??? Ahhh! I liked the casting lady- "Let's do it without the accent." And then him as a football player? Um, no.

    I love this show, though. It's fascinating.

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    I think the little Jordan who was on Thats So Raven and is now doing a movie is adorable, and I think her mom is doing a good job too. No problem there.

    wow, this show kills me!
    The Nutters are just sick, if I were those kids I would run away with the circus or something, anything to get away from Duncan sr. who I think is a strange man who was once a strange little boy dancing in front of his mirror to show tunes pretending he was on tour with the Full Monty (like his son now is). Also how icky can his wife be? she kinda scares me, she looks like someone off of Anna Nicole Smith's E True Hollywood Story.

    Poor littl Emily Tye....this is just a SAD SAD deal...I get the impression that her mom was a really homely child who by some freak of nature got a darling little girl and now wants to live vicariously through her in every way possible. There is NO WAY that Emily likes pagents....she cries like 5 times on every show. Plus! the thing about the brother last night was shocking! I had no clue she had a brother, talk about the unwanted child! How sad! The Grandma kills me too, how she pays for it all and how she get so mad about the Jaun Bernette (sp?) comments. WOW can we say this is a really sad family? I think so

    Dont even get me started on Shane....that is just sick. His mom is delusional in that she thinks he can act and sing. He can do neither. I do however feel really bad for him, b/c I think he is a sweet kid who genuinly thinks he's talented (obviously when ma has to be praising him every moment). The day when he was singing and had dancers, they picked like the most homley little girls to be his dancer...and then when he was having pics taken and his mom was like forcing ppl to go ask for his autograph. Wow sad! and the commercial just killed me last night. It was really hard to watch, b/c it was just that bad! He talked WAY too fast and said alot of stupid things quote- "It wont dehidrate you and it keeps me hidrated" hmm....redundant a bit dont you think?

    Jordan Barrons is not an actress. Her mom is really annoying. I kind of am most annoyed by her, like last night when she said "I come to the auditions for the food"...ok, why on Gods green earth would you say that on TV?hmmmm Also Jordan cannot be an actress....she's not particularly cute, she has achne, also her voice isnt pleasant and her acting is very hostile. I think the little sister is WAY cuter, maybe she should work on getting into the business instead! Then mom can totally quit her job and follow the little primadonnas around! The saddest part is Jordan really thinks she's going to be famous....well true, she will be for a while b/c of this show, but I will be SHOCKED if she makes it into a real acting job....or a film w/out a porn star in it.

    So yes, I'm addicted to this show....its just great...makes me feel really normal!

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    I don't think Jordan Barrons is feminine enough for some reason. Her voice, the way she dresses...not sure.

    Debbie Tye, Emily's mom drives me crazy. She is spending thousands on each pagent when Emily could only win up to $250 in most cases. (And that's for 1st place from what I understand) Debbie said that the money Emily wins from pagents goes into Emily's bank account. Why not take those thousands of dollars that she's wasting and put that into her account?

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    well i haven't watched an entire episode yet, things keep getting in the way, but i have to say, this is a really interesting show

    younger jordan:okay this is the only normal mom/daughter of the bunch i think...it doesnt seem like her mom is pushing her into doing anything she doesn't want to do...her mom is cool

    older jordan: i thought it was funny she was asked to read a role for a lesbian character...i think she kinda fits the protocol if you wanted to have a lesbian teenager with her voice/look...and that comment wasn't meant to be sterotypical, i guess what i'm trying to say is, i'm not at all surprised she was given that role to read...i think she has accomplished a lot, but i think its unrealistic she will be the next lindsay lohan lol...she just doesn't have the right look i don't think

    shane: omg! ok, i haven't heard him sing yet, but i take you guys's word for it when you say he cant sing at all...his english accent though was....hideous....it was so bad, i felt really bad for him...he seems like such a sweet kid, but he ain't NOTHING special...i knew more talented kids in my high school than him, and they aren't big celebrities....his mom i think has really been too overbearing in the whole thing...she seems like one of those types of mother who would kill the competition lol...literally

    emily tye: another omg! her mother...yuck! did i read her bio right, is she 55? just curious...i'm shocked she has another kid....i wonder if she even knows her son's name....and all that makeup/hair they did to that little girl...she didn't even look like a little girl lol....its like your kid is only 4 once, spend time with them now, cause she won't be 4 for long

    the nutters: they should change their name to nutcase! duncan is nuts....i don't know how that wife can stand him

    how many episodes will they show? i only just saw it for the first time last week..and i'm already hooked!

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    Snickers, they have shown 3 episodes and there are 4 more scheduled (7 in total). They premiere each new episode at 9PM EST on Tuesdays. You can check www.bravotv.com/Showbiz_Moms_&_Dads/ for all the days and times the episodes are airing.

    I agree with Marley, why not just take all the money that they are spending on Emily's pageants and put it into an account for her? Let the four year old BE a four year old!! As each episode airs, I get sicker and sicker by The Tyes. And this past week had the dad on singing the praises. But little Emily is showing us the real truth with each tear she sheds, with each tired word that comes out of her mouth. Her family is in for a world of pain and hurt in the coming years. I remember on the first episode that they mentioned Emily had an older brother, but I think this is the first time we saw him.

    I laugh whenever Shane is on the tv with his Mom. From what we have seen so far, Shane really wants to be in the business. His Mom is a bit pushy and is hanging around way too much though. He is much more natural without her breathing down his neck.

    The Nutters continue to be...NUTTERS!! Duncan just keeps causing my jaw to drop on each episode. The man is so far into his own fantasy that he isn't seeing that the rest of his family is suffering severly. We saw the mom go to the oldest son's school, but there was no mention of it to Duncan. ?? And I am not even going to touch on Duncan's whole female conversation. I know that he is probably a "metrosexual", but he keeps showing signs of latent homosexuality. I know I shouldn't judge but I can't help it...

    Older Jordan's situation is strange. I don't have much more to say about her. Her mom is a whack job, the poor dear. She needs to have some quality time with her husband in Colorado.

    Young Jordan and her mom continue to show what a healthy parent/child relationship should be, with the acting factor thrown in for some spice.

    Can't wait for this week's episode. We get to her Mom Tye say "You're four years old, now act like it!" :rolleyes

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    Well crud, I missed last week's ep. I hope Bravo runs them all back to back on a special "Parental Insanity Weekend!"

    I am SO glad someone brought up the whole Momma Klingensmith having a crush on her son thing. I thought it was me and I was losing my mind. She fawns all over him, touches him constantly (in what to me looks sort of creepy and inappropriate - if I touched my kid that way, I'd probably draw back a stub) and seems to always be talking about how beautiful he is. If I hear one more time about his accident, I might throw a shoe at the television.

    The way she was carrying on about the girls hanging around his photo shoot at DisneyWorld was creepy. I don't know, maybe I'm just silly, but if someone was having some kind of official looking photo shoot in the middle of the park, I'd be curious too, but she managed to twist it into all these little girls thinking he was "hot" and wanting his autograph (of course she stretched the truth a little bit there and told them he was cutting and album and starting work on a show - did I miss the part where he got these jobs?).

    I wonder if Debbie Tye will really see the way she behaves when the shows air. Somehow, I think she might blame it on editing.

    The A&E documentary on pageants was a rerun from a long time ago, but still interesting to watch again. I felt badly for the teenager with cystic fibrosis whose mother was so bitter and angry (and had a mouth like a sailor). Both of them should have known better that her weirdo modeling style was not going to fly in a pageant, regardless of what the promoters said (pro "m"-ing as they call it) and the mom's bitchy sniping at the winners was unbecoming. The poor girl must not have lived long beyond the pageant, or at least passed away that same year since she was only 14.

    I didn't take anything creepy from the singing of the song, "That's What Friends Are For," because I thought it was one of those Miss Royalty pageant closing traditions - did you notice all the kids, even the tiny ones, knew the words?

    I missed if the announcer said it was the Miss Royalty pageant (I thought it was) or another, but it was nice to hear that now they've moved to more age-appropriate pageants where the little girls are supposed to look like little girls, without all the makeup, hairdos and elaborate costumes.

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    1. Anyone watch Oprah today? Mr. Nutters is truly just nutters.

    2. It seems as though all these stage moms have forgotten that they are people too. They are so engrossed in their kids that they haven't changed their style of hair or clothing since the 80's. What is it with the bad hair on these women?

    3. Regarding the little pageant girl, I feel so bad for her. She is only 4 and basically being taught that nothing about who she is, is good enough. Not her hair, her skin, her face. I think it is so important to learn to love yourself for who you are. She is going to grow up thinking she needs fake tans, mascara and lipstick, pixie stix to perk her up, etc.

    4. That Klingensmith mom just needs to go out and get laid. She is a loon!

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