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Thread: NBC announces "The One That Got Away" 05/31

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleepysluggo
    I thought that was Clay Aiken's title.

    I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.
    Something tells me he wouldn't be interested in any of the contestants of this show

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    OK, from the descriptions of hte women, it sounds like Skippy never had a long-term relationship with any of these women. Doesn't that go against the show's description? Women from his past can mean anything I guess . . .
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    Is it me, or does he look like a young David Hasselhoff?
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    Can't Wait for some Skipper!!!

    I can't wait to see this show! I personally know Skipper and his family. They took care of me when I moved to North Carolina. I couldn't have asked for better friends. Skipper is just so fun and silly - I love it! His family has no affiliation with any NBC rep, they're not famous people that live in Hollywood - they're your normal, everyday family with great hearts! You should watch the show and see for yourself!!!

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    Do you know any of Skippers' exes that got away?

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    Since this is a one and done deal, I can't get real worked up about it. But, the weather is lousy today, and the cable selection looks pretty lame, so this show has possibilities.
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    I'm looking forward to this tonight... the previews look good. But I'm still dissapointed its only a one show deal.

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    and I'm mad that they're just gals he knows, and not actual girlfriends. And why is it soo short?? Maybe if it does well, they'll extend it.... I was so excited thinking it would be like the Bachelor but different...
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