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Thread: Extreme Makeover Home Edition - Apr 11

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIWANNABE
    I loved the pool and how they made everything so much easier for the guy (forget his name).
    I believe his name was ROBERT

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    This is prolly the only show that brings a tear to my eye. Yesterdays show was no different. I agree the girl should have got some more done with her. But I do like Ty, he does a lot more work than they show on TV. You have to remember out of the 7 days they do this they only show about 30 something minutes of it. I like the idea of him doing a room by himself, and he does not try and take credit for doing everything.

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    Great episode...there aren't many tv shows that can bring a tear to my eye, but this one does. The elevator and the pool were the best parts of the house for me. As for Ty, I actually like him much better on this show than on TS. His antics on TS were too much for me, this show brings out a whole other side that is much better.
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    They did good again...and yes Ty's ego is starting to annoy....overacting seems to be his forte.....most elevators fortunately dont need much maintence....but in the places I worked when they do its expensive...yet for the mobility it allows in this case that and the pool are the most significant....they did go over budget here....but did good too....the furniture was not as special the appliances were less spectacular....but it was the right thing for this family

    and you have to feel good for the help provided....

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