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Thread: TLC's SpyMaster

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    TLC's SpyMaster

    I just caught the first episode of SpyMaster ... and am hooked. Anyone else out there watch this?
    Loved the masks, loved the KIMS, loved the rappelling (although that would have let me out right there), love the whole concept of this show. Would love to know if the military is keeping their eyes on the winner ... lol

    What was with the guy who mooned everyone from the top of the building? At his age (34), he should have realized the impression that would make on the powers-that-be. The title of the show, "Spymaster", should have been a dead give away that they are looking for someone NOT drawing attention to themselves!

    Anyway, hope there's more fans out there.
    "Being famous does not make you a hero." Zeus in Hercules

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    I watched it today (the rerun of the 1st ep) and I've scheduled my cable box to turn it on Tues. night. It appears interesting, and I'm sure the upcoming eliminations will even be more interesting than those showed the 1st ep. I think I'm going to be rooting for "Cinderella".

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    Saw it at my Mom's yesterday....almost good enough to make me get a satellite dish (since we can't get it at our house)

    Really, really great show! Hope they have more episodes of this one.

    I'm rooting for Ravi (?). He conquered his fear and seems to take care of business. Same for the firefighter.

    Note to the Mooner: you're supposed to be UNDERcover!!!

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    Bad interpretation of rules on 4/6/04 episode

    I will not give the result of the show until 0100 hours Central Time, (GMT-6), but I will say there was an extremely bad interpretation of the rules. When all personal Items were confiscated, a contestant's necklace bearing a cross was taken.

    I think there should be a prohibition on taking any of the following:

    1. Eyeglasses or contacts (if prescription)
    2. Any article of jewelry that is of a religious nature (provided it is not a safety risk, if it is, temporary removal may be ordered)
    3. Any item used to identify a medical condition, including, without limitation, a bracelet or necklace (CANNOT be ordered removed AT ANY TIME)
    4. Lawful prescription drugs (Food MUST be allowed to be eaten if this is required to take the drug safely)

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    I caught the second episode tonight. Great show! I'm sorry I missed the premiere. And I think there's only 3 episodes left.

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    correct. 3 episodes left.

    Does anyone think there should be minimum standards for these kinds of contests? Such contests can be extremely dangerous if the contestant is pushed beyond his/her limits. I am always concerned that a military trainer might perform acts that, while appropriate in training military personnel, would be improper or dangerous for civilians.

    I am working on a set of standards right now, if anyone wants to see the draft version, just post to that effect

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    1 or 2nd episode - Paintball gun?

    Hello everyone, I just joined the website forum.

    Only 10 minutes ago, I saw my first episode of SPY MASTER dum dum dum...

    Pretty neat show.

    I saw a segement of the show where one contestant was assigned a partner and to retrive a black case. They were useing paintball pistols. And I was wondering if anyone knew what type of paintball guns they were. I am very curious.

    If anyone knows I would really appreciate the 411.

    Thanks in advance for your time and help.


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    Spymaster PAINT GUNS?

    Those weren't paintball guns! Those were 9mm Beretta pistols (US ARMY standard issue) firing Simunitions, not paintballs. (google their website for more info on that.) Did you see the mag changes? Those were 9mm 15-round mags.

    I trained at the place where that Spymaster episode was filmed when I was an active duty SWAT team member: Blackwater USA. I know those buildings and the safety gear. Yes, the same Blackwater that employs the unfortunate men who were killed in Iraq. The producers of the series were not kidding around when they wanted realism: Blackwater is the best and the Spymaster "candidates", after only a few days of training, did unbelievably well.

    By the way, the guy who shot the hostage...good move. Saved his comrade, his mission and himself. In real life, that 9mm round would have gone through the hostage and into the terrorist. End of story. But that big guy who ran out of ammo and got peppered! OUCH!
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    I know what you mean. I referee paintball, and the international speed limit for that is 300 FPS muzzle velocity. Simmunitions from what I understand can go about double that.

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    Minimum standards & Fitness

    Despite the large behinds on some of the Spymaster folks, I understand the producers of such programs to be very careful in both the selection standards and the kinds of activities that participants must do. There was nothing that I saw in the show that was beyond the abilities of the typical American in reasonably good shape (yes, I understand that the typical American is NOT in shape...but the typical American does not apply to be on a reality television show). One must assume that the self-selecting nature of reality television participation screens out a lot of the candidates for any such show. One would assume that when presented with the idea that they would be rigorously trained by special forces soldiers candidates would either say "great!" or "hell no" and move forward accordingly. Notice that none of the candidates were not grossly overweight and only one was what most people would legitimately call "heavy-set".

    As for removing medical notification jewelry, I think that's a bit silly. A reality show is not like a shopping mall, with just anyone wandering around and the risk of ill- or inappropriate treatment due to anonymity of a victim of an accident is impossible. These shows are locked down. Medical services are close at hand. Medical histories are on file. There is no risk.

    Removing religious jewelry? It's not a question of free speech. Contestants sign away pretty much all of their rights on these shows. Besides, in this case, someone wearing a cross or a Star of David certainly makes a statement in the supposedly anonymous world of spydom. It's a nod toward realism that we should appreciate not legislate. It's like telling actors in a movie that they can wear whatever religious jewelry they want to wear...it's a question of wardrobe. Reality TV candidates are actors, like it or not. If you saw how obtrusive the cameras are on a set you'd laugh because there is no way anyone can forget they are there. I've seen photos and clips of the making of some shows. There is nothing natural about it.

    Also, reality TV shows are governed by the same set of laws as game shows since that is what they are. So, from the legal and ethical standpoint (theoretically, anyway) the shows play fair.

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