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Thread: TLC's SpyMaster

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    So last nights show was good but made me a little sad. Stephanie having to leave like that. And then the trainers had to let 3 others go, that were very qualified. Matt left and I was not happy about that. However, the trainer did say that he just too nice of a guy, and that was cool, I like nice guys.

    Richard made me laugh yesterday with some of the comments he made... like should have gone to the beach and the learning to use the compass in the boyscouts. Warren also made me laugh just with the whole getting in the van thing. The spitting from Grisella, very cool (however, in real life that would probably get you killed, but still, great TV)

    And too expo, what is Ravi really like?

    Well only 1 more left then we get to see who is the SpyMaster... looks like next week is putting all learned skills into practice.

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    Last Episode: Ravi Tied UP!

    How cool is that? MMM, I would love to tie Ravi up like that and get some emotion out of him. He acts soooo cool and calm on the show, but 1 minute with me and the wild man will come out. Too abd I missed the party, I will be there next week. Hope to see the Ravman there too. BTW: he HAS too win, he is to cute!
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    I want to meet Ravi :lovestruc


    If you are reading this, I want to meet you. I understand from earlier posts that you regularly show up to host a small dinner party when the show airs.

    For the next and final show, I will be there!

    I really admire the ability you had in the latest episode where you handled all they could throw at you, and used your mind to get through it. You are the type of guy I always wanted to meet.

    Remember, I am a very pretty red head - I will be coming right from work, which is a large law firm not far from DuPont (two metro stops), so I will eb wearing a matching skirt.jacket suit, with silk blouse and pearl necklace and earrings. So, keep an eye out for me - I will certainly be looking for you!!


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    Please use this thread for discussion of the show, and non-show discussion should be moved to private messaging.

    Also please note that it's not cool to post where a reality show contestant will be, unless they have asked you to post it. Those posts have been edited or removed, and are not allowed.

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    Hey everyone,

    I didn't know there was a forum for this show until I was searching for the show online.

    I just caught the last episode of Spymaster. I'm confused but I saw the show was dedicated Leighanne . Does anyone know what happened to her? Did she passed away ? Geeze only 24yrs old..


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    What Happened to LeighAnne?

    I just finished watching the final episode and it was debticated to Leighanne I think it read: 1980-2003? Does anyone know what happened to her?
    Thanks Leigh Ann (twice her age) ... very curious!

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    I just saw the last episode, and when all was said and done there was a message flashed upon the screen:
    "This episode is dedicated to the memory of LeighAnne Turnbill 1980-2004"-something to that effect. Does anybody know what happened to her

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    Hey everyone,

    I just finished watching the last Spymaster episode also... I thought it was really a fluke as to whether it was Grisella or Leighanne that would win. They were both close to the helicopter, but because Leighanne was running with the hostage she fell a bit behind and was "captured". It really could have gone either way. Congrats to Grisella on her win, though.

    I noticed the dedication to Leighanne at the end. I did a search and found out she passed away Dec 2003 from accidental CO poisoning in an enclosed garage. That is so sad... my thoughts are with her family.


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    Leigh Anne

    I wonder if something happened while on assignment. She was the broadcast journalist right? I guess we are all wondering the same thing.I've done searches online for her name as well as throwing keyword associations with journalist/broadcast and spymaster but nothing has come back.

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    sad news

    That is very sad.
    What a huge shock that was.

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