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Thread: TLC's SpyMaster

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    Delta Rebel, I dont know the female trainer's qualifications, other that she is some kind of licensed weapons instructor. Her name is Thallia [Pronounced THAL-e-UH] Ellis

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    Ravi is amazing!!

    I love the show and have been more and more impressed with Ravi/Ravvi(sp?). The leaders seem to really like him and DEFINITELY appears to be focused on being a spy. I wonder what he really does. He seems to be way to hot for a software engineer.

    I think I saw him last week while I was out with friends. I was at a local hangout (I won't say where since I want to meet him and I hope he comes back!!!) and he was there with a group of people. The show came on and people were talking about him so I am pretty sure it was him. We will see next week! Does anyone know his status?

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    Ravi Is Hot!!!!

    I agree with you Aphordite, Ravi is hot. I am sooo jealous you have seen him in PERSON! WOW, I am getting hot just thinking about meeting him. Can you IM me and tell me where you saw him. He looks like he is in real good shape too! What a catche!

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    No Way!!

    I saw him first, I get to meet him first. There is no way I am letting someone else horn in. Anyway, the way my luck has been going he is probably married, or worse.

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    Ravi is writing his own messages

    Ravi must be a software engineer in real life and a spy in make-believe because that must be his own self writing on here about how "hot" he is!

    Last week's show was great. I watched it again and it was a rea pressure cooker. Let's see who goes next week. My predictions now are Ravi, Stephanie, Warren and Leigh Anne.

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    I can't believe they are cutting four this week. Ok, my picks are:
    Allison, Warren, The one who curses all the time -- what's her name, and Matt. I can't see them cutting Cinderalla or Richard, they just look too good on tv.

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    Stephanies awesome

    I think shell be the winner.Shes so good not to mention gorgeous looking!!!I wonder how shell handle be taken captive and interrogated.

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    Matt seems to be the man for this....I am hoping he will win. He is Hot!!
    So if anyone know's if he is married or involved...also were to e-mail him : )
    my fingers are crossed for MATT : )

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    I am all for Matt....does anyone know anything about him??

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    I agree with Aphrodite and Minagirl. Ravi is way hootttt!!

    Now that Sex and the City is no longer on the air, my girlfriends and I gather each week, crack open some wine, and watch this wonderful show just to oogle at hot Ravi.

    There is no way that man is single. If I knew him, I would ask him out. Of course, by husband, and my boyfrend, woudl be upset if they were to find out, but what's a girl supposed to do. My girfriends and I woudl rock his world.

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