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Thread: Theresa Strasser vs. Chayse Dacoda?

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    Theresa Strasser vs. Chayse Dacoda?

    Someone tell me if I'm being paranoid. Well, don't tell me, the voices in my head will.

    I've been watching "While You Were Out" more than I usually do and in the last week or so, have seen three different episodes where Chayse was the designer. On every single show, Theresa (and Leslie Segretti) complained about Chayse in a way that was meaner than the usual griping and play-fighting. Theresa said some nasty things about the designs and even went so far as to make fun of the designs to the homeowner. Then she and Leslie sat and rolled their eyes and basically ran down the room. On one project in particular (a Thai-styled bedroom), Theresa had Leslie and Andrew in the room alone and unless my ears were totally wrong, compared the paint treatment to smearing poop on the wall. Leslie agreed, Andrew was trying to be diplomatic and didn't say anything, and Chayse obviously heard because when she came into the room, you could see the frost forming on her face when she talked to Theresa. Then Theresa asked the homeowner what he thought of the paint with her face all scrunched up (hinting that the correct answer was that it sucked) and when he said he liked it, she kept trying to give him reasons not to like it. That same ep had lots of sewing and Leslie whined and complained and kept threatening to just leave the job.

    I know there are lots of little play animosities and I'm sure Chayse can be demanding and a little abrasive herself. But is anyone else picking up on this meanness? It seems above and beyond any other griping about a designer that I see on the show, which is a shame because IMO, Chayse does the best rooms. I'm ready to just flip the channel when Theresa's on instead of Evan, who I've NEVER seen be mean or undermine any designer.

    Okay, now you can tell me I'm paranoid, I guess.

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    I will start off this post by saying I am female. And I do not speak for all females. Nor am I being a bi*ch.

    But it seems to come down to female competitiveness and cattiness. The producers are playing up this fact. Leslie seems more snarky with Chase than any other designer. It is rumored that Chayse and Andrew are "fraternizing" outside of the show. So there is tension between Leslie and Chayse. AHA good ratings might come of this. As for Theresa and the 'awful' wall design, I'm sensing it was a matter of personal preference, and she didn't like it, but the editing really played that up, again, for the "edge" and hoping for ratings. I'm sure Theresa has expressed her feelings regarding other designs, as she doesn't seem like one who isn't afraid of expressing her thoughts. But this one may have seemed more heated and disagreeable, as she personally thought it was hideous (and it was).

    I love this show and watch every time it is on. I enjoy the banter and tension. Sometimes it gets too silly, but it still makes me laugh. Leslie is married, Andrew has a girlfriend (whether that is Chayse or not is speculation), but why would Leslie be jealous of Chayse and her interactions with Andrew? There have been many theories on TLC, and I believe that the producers are seeing what is on the message boards and playing it up for the viewers to further speculate and continue watching. JMO
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    Thanks for your thoughts, JunkieGirl.

    For what it's worth, I never thought the tension had anything to do with Andrew or any jealousy thing about him. I guess I'm blind, lol - because I'm not picking up any particular vibe between Chayse and Andrew that other people seem to be.

    I'd watched the show regularly when it first came on with Anna Bocci (Bocci? Bocca? I'm not sure), then drifted away for a bit and since I'm in spring cleaning and redecorating mode, started watching more often. I've seen Theresa be wishy washy and not like designs before, the Thai bedroom in particular just seemed mean to me - it started getting personal and wasn't about the design, she was picking at Chayse's taste. I definitely am aware that editing plays up some angles, but..part of what I do is analyzing behavior and non-verbal cues and when Chayse came back in the room having overheard Theresa say the walls looked like poop ("what's the opposite of gilding the lily," she asked), Chayse was not playing along with a faked fight, I'd bet my own reputation on it. Her clenched jaw and absolute stone cold expression were a dead giveaway that she'd heard what was being said (Andrew kept glancing behind him and I'd bet anything she was there) and she didn't take it as a joke.

    Ah well, I bring too much of my work home with me. I don't mean to make so much out of it, it just has bothered me for a while and I wondered if there was some backstory or some issue Theresa always seems to have with designers. I just never get the same feeling from Evan, which makes the shows he hosts much less stressful for me.

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    Does anyone know the reason Theresa left? I do like Evan as host the best out of the three so far, though. I was just wondering.
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    I think Teresa thought she had better prospects elsewhere, dagwood.
    I've seen her reporting on and hosting the E show with that (imo) horrible Juliana (sp) woman. She has also done some reporting for Good Day Live.

    I thought she was a lot more vocal than usual when commenting on the Thai bedroom.
    I really didn't like the paint treatment either, but I thought it was tactless of her to be so negative in front of the homeowner.
    The poor guy was probably already nervous about what his wife would think of it, without Teresa being so snotty.
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    From all the shows that I have seen, Leslie is adament about the fact that she is a carpenter, and feels just as qualified to do the same stuff Andrew does... although she always is the one to do the sewing. I think her only contention regarding Chase is that she is always the one doing all the girlie things, while Andrew gets the "good" stuff. I missed this episode, mainly because Chase is not one of my favorites. Her work is fine, I do not like the way she interacts with people in general and rather then feel some annoyance with her personality, I watch something else. I do agree with all that it is not nice to be unsupportive of Chase during a show. It is one thing to stand up for the homeowner when they need help protecting their homes from a disaster, but it is unprofessional to belittle her on TV. I am surprised that TLC aired the show.

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    I'm not sure about the episode referenced in the first post. As far as Chayse, yeah sometimes she comes off snippy and tense, but she seems to be a lot better with Evan hosting. The whole crew seems much looser and having more fun with Evan around. I like Chayse's work. She has done some great rooms (ex. the Blue Room, Firemen's Loft, Redskins Rec Room).
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    also theresa additioned for the View(but didn't get it), that may also be a reason. i am so glad they now have evan, i like him sooo much better than the two female hosts.

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    I like Theresa best

    I'm sorry but I like Theresa best myself. Granted I'm a guy and the reason I like her best is because she is a total hottie, especially in those tight jeans. I love you Theresa

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