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Thread: Secrets of Extreme Makeover

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    Really need someone's help on "Secrets of Extreme Makeover" episode

    Does anyone remember what it was towards the beginningof the show that the host mentioned was even a bit ridiculous or even too extreme or something of that nature when they were talking about some of the new procedures that are being performed now days. I've got a bet on this as to whether I can remember/find out, and I've been able to get nothing on the net. Please help!

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    Where Can I get the Minimizer?

    Did anyone notice where you can get one of those minimizers (the one that took the girl form a size 6 to a size 2)? I want that!

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    I want a minimizer too!!!! please, if anyone knows more details....fill us in!!!!

    thanks, Jenn

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    No Sob Stories

    It's funny how they originaly told people that they didn't want any "sob stories" about how you were teased as a kid for having a big nose but now they are telling people to give them their "sob stories". What's up? Heck, if I had known that I would have told them my sob stories on my tape when I sent it in. I guess I won't get picked because I didn't give my sob story. ;P

    I watched the episode too where the showed people's audition tapes and they actually showed people who never got picked and they were in their underwear. I know that I would have been livid if I didn't get picked and America saw me in my undies. The two people they showed half naked had rolls of fat too. I felt really bad for them.

    Quote Originally Posted by biggbaddgirl
    They basically want really out going people. They said they like people who make them laugh. Also, it would be easier for a man to get on. They stressed that they are not looking for candidates who are looking to just "touch up" things. There's a reason why it's called Extreme Makeover. Make sure you show them what you want done, examples, flabby bellies, really, REALLY bad teeth, places where you'll want lipo, etc. If you have a story, they want to hear about it. Such as being teased in school for being ugly, not feeling attractive enough to make love with the lights on, drastic weight loss stories. Umm, that's basically all I can remember so, I hope that helps.

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