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Thread: Florida: 99 Terrace - Hildi's Room

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    Florida: 99 Terrace - Hildi's Room

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    an office only crayola could be proud of.....I think she short changed the Home owner by not giving them all 64 colors......

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    Ugh, when in doubt, use more colors...and add stripes. They spent all their time painting the walls they didn't do much with anything else IMO.

    And yeah, looked like a crayon box went nuts.
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    We dont get this show here so I look forward to just seeing the pics here on Fort. Hildi's rooms are always the best to look at she truely has no idea. But i really want to know what the home owners thought of the finished room? I cant imagine they would be pleased.

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    Lucynda, she claimed to love it. She cried and kept repeating how it was gorgeous and that it suited her perfectly. She seemed genuine, but let her live in it for a day or two and then I wonder how she felt.

    To me, with that cold tile floor and sterile furniture, it looked like an indoor swimming pool. Hildi seemed restrained on this one, but I wish she'd have left the stripes to just the one wall above the desk and that she'd have added something soft somewhere to break up the starkness of the paint and the covered chairs.

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