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Thread: Monster House: Roman House

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    Monster House: Roman House

    I watched this one yesterday - did anyone catch it?

    The first entirely outdoor build. I saw them walk into the house, and I said to my wife "I'd hate to change anything in that house!"

    I was so happy Steve decided to do it all outdoors. And it turned out really great.

    What's with the rash of builders lately who "haven't done bricklaying in 10 years", or "haven't done cement work in 7 years", or "haven't actually worked on a jobsite in 5 years"?? Monster House Casting needs to do a better job.

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    I saw that one too...I loved the Roman tub. I'm glad they didn't do anything to the inside either, that was a pretty cool house as is.

    I think I've only seen one team of builders actually get along, without all the arguing and drama!
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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    Mama Harold
    I thought these guys got along better than most of the crews I've seen. At least none of them were whiney little brats who made me want to smack them silly.

    I thought it turned out great. Especially the chariot bar and the torches. Very impressive work.

    I agree with you John, that there are way too many guys hired to do work they haven't actually done in years. They seem to end up doing OK, but what a risk to take. Whoops! Therein may lie the answer. DRAMA.

    I'm also glad they didn't touch the inside of the house. It was gorgeous. The HO's seemed a little disappointed at first though. I wonder why they would want to change that house? Bored maybe???

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    I liked the chariot the most I think. In the drawing it looked so simple, but it actually took hours and hours to perfect!

    Looks like monster house is splitting it's time between LA and Vegas now. I reckon it will be awhile till my parents in Virginia have a chance.

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