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Thread: Hamilton Gets 'life'

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    Hamilton Gets 'life'

    March 20, 2004 -- PERPETUALLY tanned George Hamilton has replaced doughy Robin Leach as the host of ABC's "Life Of Luxury."
    The show, a series of specials documenting the fabulous lifestyles of the rich and famous, first aired last December with Leach as the host.

    Insiders say Leach left to pursue other projects and ABC turned to Hamilton - whose reputation as a wealthy playboy certainly fits the show's theme.

    Hamilton has worked with ABC before, hosting its reality show "The Family," which aired last summer.

    "George lives and breathes the 'Life Of Luxury.' He epitomizes it in his dress, his looks, his style and his experience," said executive producer Andy Friendly.

    "His strong relationships with the people we want to profile, his great looks, droll sense of humor . . . will take 'Life Of Luxury' to even greater heights."

    Hamilton has been signed to host four upcoming episodes of "Life of Luxury," including segments on the Maloof Brothers of Las Vegas, "Lord of the Dance" star Michael Flatley and hip-hop impresario Damon Dash.

    - Michael Starr


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    Did anybody watch this on Monday night? I guess if you work hard and make a ton of money you can spend it however you wish. But some of the stuff rich people waste their money on just makes me want to

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