Below is an interview I conducted with Jeff Byers of Combat Missions Bravo squad.
Jeff Byers: Elite warrior, stealth comedian
written by Bravo Fan

It is again with great honor that I present an interview from Jeff Byers of Combat Missions team champion, Bravo squad.

As was the case with Bravo overall, Jeff was not given much airtime on the show until episode 11. That aside, he made a huge impact upon the viewers, and a huge impact on this combat missions online community.

Jeff was a quiet, yet crucial advantage to his team. His maturity, leadership, knowledge and strength, perfected through six years of service in the Navy SEALs helped lead his team to victory. Coupling that with his humbleness, camaraderie, sense of humor and enjoyment of the game itself, he won the hearts of many.

Jeff, who grew up in Albuquerque and now resides in Arizona, decided to become a Navy SEAL right out of high school.

How difficult was life as a SEAL?
Life as a SEAL was incredible. I got to work with the best people in the world every day in the most amazing situations. The pace is extraordinary and allows little time for anything other than work. That is why I left, to pursue something that would allow me to see my little dude more often.

What is your workout routine, how do you stay in such great shape?
I workout with my buddies as much as possible to keep up a competitive environment. I don't have a strict schedule or routine, but I run, swim, bike, and lift moderate weights every day.

What do you enjoy doing in your limited free time?
I like to spend as much of my free time as possible with my son and friends.

You participated in Eco Challenge NZ in 2001. Will you be participating again in one in the future?
I would love to do the Eco again. It is just a logistical question of when and how.

How did you learn of CM and why did you decide to give it a try?
Heard about it from a buddy. I applied as a team with Courtley and two other SEALs who were active duty and couldn't participate.

What do your family and friends think of your notoriety from the show?
My friends and family really dug the show until the last half hour.

Do you still keep in touch with your former squad-mates (and/or anyone else from the show)?
I talk to many of them frequently.

Which person on Bravo squad did you connect with the most?
I got along with everyone on the show, but I think that Steve Claggett (the big meat head cop) and I got along the best, he is very sharp person.

The covert comedian started to come out in later episodes. I have to ask a couple of questions on that front.

"The Sausages", what was the inspiration for that team name?
Sausages was my dads softball team in Albuquerque.

The most intriguing comment on the show had to be the puppet shows and candy canes one...was that just incredibly random or is there a story there?
That comment was made because the producer asked me to give them an intriguing quote before I went to bed about how I felt that evening due to the fact that we were competing against Delta in the morning. It was completely off the cuff to screw with our producer and I was surprised to see it aired.

If you would have been assigned to a team other than Bravo, which team would you have wanted to have been on?
I wouldn't have had it any other way.

What word do you think your teammates would use describe you?

Why do you think you were the only squad that didn't fire on the wrong truck in the prisoner rescue evolution?
Because we rock, and Corwin's got a good eye.

What do you think was the biggest key to Bravo's success?
Good professional dudes and nobody was arrogant or had an attitude.

What were your thoughts on the final competition (the panes of glass)?
I thought it was cheese.

What was your favorite mission (in the CM game) and why?
The one where we won the team championship. They were all good fun. I think the hostage rescue in the apartment was entertaining just because it was a change of scenery.

What would you suggest to make CM2 better?
Accuracy drills use real rounds, and a back up weapon. Drop the JV ops and go for something more advanced or demanding such as freefall, long inserts, diving, explosives, etc...

And finally, what surprised you most when you finally got to watch the show?
That Bob Kain didn't have any hair!

I would like to thank Jeff Byers for taking time out of his life to share with his many fans! It is truly a pleasure to write about such fine young role models as yourself and Mr. Corwin.