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Thread: 'Pimp My Ride' Scores In the Ratings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shazzer
    Yes, but my point is, they're making silk purses out of sow's ears here. They might not give a rat's butt if this or that little MTV viewer has been taking chances with the law on the roads pre-show. So who cares if they MacGuyver a dishwasher into a go-cart, as long as that go-cart passes inspection post-show? Maybe that's what they're thinking. I.e. maybe they don't care about a vehicle's history before the show, only after. I don't know. I like the show. Woot! The end. *bows*

    Eta: you make valid points, though, Astro. It's unsafe. I'm just not sure they care.
    I like the show too. A lot . I'm just concerned about the message that they are sending: the more hazardous the car is, the bigger chance to be on the show. Ofcourse, there has been cars on the show that were just plain ugly, but safe enough. I just have a feeling that the producers are thingking "let's find the worst buckets on the road", thus rewarding people for putting other drivers at risk.

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    at Shazzer and Eny. I had a screwdriver in the turn signal slot. I had a stickshift knob that was held onto the stick with gum. Ripped up seats were just an excuse to get the cute zebra seat covers at the swap meet. But the best feature of my 1980 Chevy Chevette: no reverse. You learned to choose wisely when searching for a parking spot.

    I only recently discovered this show in re-runs. I loved the restored '67 Mustang. But I have to say, it's the loopy extras that really draw you in. Who wouldn't want a photo booth in their front visor?
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    Well, I loved the episode with the VW bus. A 40 inch flatscreen TV! And I liked the couch in the bakc so all the friends could come in and hang out and watch TV. And with a built in dryer, you could pratically live at the beach in that bus.

    Here's an idea: some homeless people live in cars. Why not take one of those cars and make it into an actual home, so the owner wouldn't be homeless anymore. An old schoolbus ougth to do it, tear out the seats, install a bedroom... I could see the WCC doing something like that for a christmas special.

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    Well, I seem to be talking to myself here, but I really enjoyed this weeks show. They seem to have upped the budget quite a bit this season. I think Ish said that the array of flatscreens were $60,000. And that wasn't all that went into that SUV. Last year the budget pr. car was around $20,000 and I think this year it might be around $100,000. Now you could buy a very cool new car for that money, but that wouldn't be as much fun.

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    Did anyone see two of the previous Pimp By Ride cars up on eBay weeks ago?

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