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Thread: Boot Camp Dream Team

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    Boot Camp Dream Team

    Pick six "celebrities" you would like to see on the show because you like them and would like to see what they are capable of.

    And then pick six "celebrities" you would like to see on the show because you want their bodies and fragile little ego's squashed. ::insert maniacal laughter::

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    oh Zhora.. I love this.
    I will be back to fill in my squad !!!!!!
    "Rice is great when you're hungry and want 2,000 of something' -- Mitch Hedberg

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    OK, here is my off-the-cuff list. I could probably improve it with a little more thought, but what the heck.

    Tim Roth (Sometimes it's the little skinny fellas that surprise you, and have you noticed the size of his hands? )
    Ice T (I'm sure he could take orders, I just can't imagine it)
    Benno Furmann ()
    Peta Wilson (She can play a tough babe but how tough is she really?)
    Ian Thorpe (Has that cute gold medalist gone from boy to man yet? Letís find out.)
    Sigourney Weaver (Could she go Ripley on their asses?)

    Runner up: The entire Mariners baseball team (What the hell, it couldnít hurt at this point. :choke :choke)

    Brittney Spears (Will someone please squash her like a bug!?!?!)
    Keanu Reeves (The more severe the injuries, the longer it will be before we see him in another movie)
    David Hasselhoff Ė (No wonder the world hates Americans)
    Alex Rodriguez (I would like to see someone with that much money do some real work for a change)
    The writers for Brian Dunkelman and Ryan Seacrest (Not that I think those hosts were genius level or anything but was it necessary to make them sound like complete freakiní idiots at every possible turn almost ruining the show? Give me 1000 push-ups right now and I might watch the show again next year.)
    The head honchos at USA network (Could you have done a worse job publicizing Combat Missions? You are completely incompetent and I would like to see Bravo and Alpha squads take turns kicking your asses, but Iíll settle for watching you suffer on Boot Camp.)

    Runner up: Tonya from BB3 (Too funny to pass up)

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    The head honchos at USA network
    ROFL! I'd PAY to watch them suffer!
    "They can only edit what you give them. They cannot manufacture a fictional character out of thin air." (Bill Rancic - 4/04)
    Regarding editing reality TV: "You can't edit IN a bad personality." ("Cali"-11/02)
    BB8 - A "conveyor belt of human garbage." ("Pono" - 9/07)

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    Celebrities I like:
    1. Jessica Alba (Can she be as tough as Dark Angel?)
    2. Josh Hartnett (I think he could carry his own. Oh, I forgot...he would be delicious eye candy.)
    3. Russell Crowe (Hunk plus I know he would kick ass!)
    4. Michelle Pfiffer (She's a nice but tough cookie.)
    5. Cuba Gooding Jr. (Comes across as a great guy. I think he would excel in competition.)
    6. Ben Stiller (We need a comic relief, and he would be awesome.)

    Celebrities I want to see squashed like a bug:
    1. Britney Spears (Please...someone knock some sense into her.)
    2. Eminem (Even though, I like him, I think it's time someone needs to put him in his place.)
    3. Jeff Probst (I want someone to wipe that sick smirk off his face.)
    4. Meg Ryan (I just don't like her!)
    5. Jennifer Lopez (I like her, but she needs to be brought down from her high horse.)
    6. Michael Jackson (Make him human again!)

    My 2 cents: Although I don't believe anyone should be paid as much as Alex just to play baseball, he is one of the best short stops, and he is pretty much carrying the Texas Rangers team on his back.

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    Don't get me wrong on that Alex thing Wolf. I actually do like him. He contributed a lot to my beloved Mariners before moving to Texas. It's not his fault that management suckers would be willing to pay him so much money. I would have taken the offer, and I have a hard time imagining anyone turning down that kind of money to play a game. He is a great player, and he's pretty darn cute too. I guess I was making more of a statement about pro athletes and their outrageous salaries.

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    I would have taken the offer, and I have a hard time imagining anyone turning down that kind of money to play a game.
    If anyone is stupid enough to pay that kind of money to just play any of the Major League sports really, I would take the money in a heartbeat.

    Zhora, I don't have a problem with your statement, I just had to add my 2 cents. Please don't report me!

    Hey, look at my list, I like Eminem and JLo, but I still want them to get squashed like bugs!

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